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Z170A only playing stereo on 5.1 speakers

Level 7

I just got a 5.1 surround sound.  Logitech Z906.  Windows 10.  Connected it using the 3.5mm jacks at the back of the PC.  Green, Black, and Orange-ish.  Green goes in the stereo out.  Orange and Black go one row above for the Center/sub and RearLeft RearRight speakers respectively.  I can't get it to recognize anything other than stero sound.  All 5.1 speakers clearly have power because there is audible sound from all of them when playing video/audio files.

Things I've tried at least twice:

Driver updates:  Did them automatically AND manually for the mobo and speakers.
Double and triple check physical connection.
Right Click Windows Sound Icon > Sounds > Configure > Speaker Setup > Confirm 5.1 > Click individual speakers to test, only Front Left/Right output sound when tested.
Realtek HD Audio Manager > Speaker Configuration > 5.1 Speaker > Check boxes for Center, Sub, Rear pair, Full-range speakers Front left/ and right, surrournd sound, and enable bass mgmt.  Click play button to test and Front Left/Right are fine, but again no sound from the others.  Even did a clean install. for Realtek HD Audio.  No luck.

Is it possible I need a soundcard?  Is there something remedial I'm missing?  Asus Z170-A Prime mobo, acquired 2017, advertises support for up to 7.1.


Level 7

nevermind found thr isssue.

when connecting the z906 to a pc you need to disable the surround sound light on the control dongle.  because logitech has 4 states displayed by 3 lights with the hidden state presenting as no state even though it is a state.  dumbest design decision imaginable