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Your SATA Expansion Card Recommendations for Z790 Hero running Win 11 Pro

Level 7


I'm running a computer  Z790 Hero running Win 11 Pro and I need to instal a SATA expansion card. 

I realise that Win 11 is still a relatively new operating system and wondered if, before I purchase anything, there were any specific recommendations for particular  manufacturer cards that will reliably run multiple SATA drives from the expansion card. I had an old MARVEL SATA  card (PCE8SAT-M01 Ver006S) which ran under Win 10 on another motherboard but it failed to properly operate (generating errors in boot sectors of attached drives) in my newer setup. 

Thankyou in advance anybody who can help!




Level 14

It depends how many SATA ports you need.  Personally, I'd probably install a 2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet NIC instead, and put the drives in a NAS.  If I did need a few extra ports internally, I'd probably look at a Broadcom MegaRAID.

Back in the day, Adaptec were one of the best.  I honestly don't know if that holds through multiple buyouts that have turned them into a Microchip brand, but worth a look.

Level 7

Thanks for your reply.

I tried the NAS route last year and it was a complete failure. Speed was measured in the kb/s and it was pretty pathetic. I was astonished, quite frankly, at how crap a NAS was and loads of people online were reporting the same problems with no sign of any fixes from the NAS manufacturer. No, I need an internal SATA card with about eight ports. I'm also astonished as well that something so basic should be such a problem for card manufacturer's and even for Microsoft who are pushing hard the Win11 experience.