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x670e Mobo - Rog Fan controller not working / Replacement?

Level 7


i have a x670e Asus mobo and the zen 4 platform, especially with all the issues has left me underwhelmed.

I noticed the last weeks that the argbs and fans were not working correctly and while i had an update for the rog fan controller it couldn't be updated. i took my pc to the retailer and nonchalantly the told me that the rog fan controller is not responding, probably burnt(?) and they cannot ship it back to asus because they would have to ship my motherboard too and i would have to pay for labor cost etc. i needed my pc and i can leave with the rog fan controller.


i have reached out to asus for a replacement. how will this work. otehrwise where to get a new one? i still have the old one which is not working. i would like to be able to use it.