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x670E Hero Randomly Rebooting

Level 7

I have been using this system for around 6 months now with no issues.  Recently, the system has started rebooting randomly throughout the day while gaming.  I have removed all 3rd party software (iCUE, Afterburner, AIDA64 Sensor Panel, RivaTuner, etc...), clean install of Windows 11/10,  updated BIOS to latest version, set BIOS to defaults, disabled C-states,  and nothing is working.  Event viewer doesn't show anything relevant.  I know others have been reporting the same issue on this platform, and I want to make sure I am not missing something here before I start going down the RMA route.  

CPU: 7950X3D
MB: x670E Hero BIOS 1709
RAM: 32GB DDR5 6000 CL30 Corsair Dominator
PSU: Corsair AX1600i
GPU: 4090 FE


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @hwmonkey 

May I ask if the situation you described happened after any changes were made? 
For example, updating the BIOS or connecting an external device
Have you cleared the CMOS?
Could you please provide a more detailed context of when the issue occurs, such as if it happens after playing a specific game for 15 minutes?
Is the random restart only happening during gaming, or does it not occur during other uses?
Regarding your hardware, have you used any adapters to connect hardware components, like a GPU adapter?
If possible, please provide a video recording of the complete scenario.

Thank you.