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X670E Hero Issues with bios versions above 0805

Level 7

Hello everyone and thank you for taking the time to give this a look...

To keep things simple, refer to my reddit post about this situation here:

I have been fighting this problem for a little while without much indication as to what is causing the issue.

For those of you who cannot access reddit to view the post, the TL;DR version of this is that I have been experiencing display driver crashes since updating from 0805 bios to anything higher. The problem is persistent in 0922, 0925, and the latest 1003.

My current theory is that there may be some sort of voltage related problem, but I am unsure. The same settings I used in 0805, I am using now on 1003. The only issue I have noticed since upgrading is the crash I have mentioned. No BSOD, no event log errors, no specific actions that cause it besides "Open a game - play for 20 - 30 minutes - and then freeze, crash, display driver reboots, everything is normal again."

Any ideas are useful here. So fire away!

Things I have tried...

  1. DDU and installed latest AMD drivers
  2. Cleared CMOS and attempted using default settings
  3. Disabled ULPS & MPO (have had issues with both in the past)

If you need my specs, they are available on the reddit link I shared, but if you cannot use reddit then you can find them all here....




May I inquire whether the crashing problem occurs with the default BIOS in versions 0922 and 1003? 
Have you tried the 0925 version?

If version 0925 does not resolve the issue, please assist in verifying the following information:
- the OS version and OS build
- the content of the setting in BIOS (or whether it is the default).
- image of the AMD problem report or screenshot of any error message

Please check whether the memory model is listed in the QVL list for ROG CROSSHAIR X670E HERO, and is installed in the two DIMM slots of DIMM_A2 and B2 as well.


Thank you.