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X670E-F Gaming WIFI ALC4080 Headphone and Speaker audio output splitting IMPOSSIBLE

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I have been trying to solve this issue for weeks now and there is absolutely no way of solving this.

I am connecting my speakers to the rear end of the mobo with 3.5mm jack and headphones on the front I/O (MIC IN / HEADPHONE) of my Phanteks G500a DRGB case. This mobo seems to register these as the same output devices. I can see from sound settings in windows that every single output device is recognized as "RealTek USB Audio". 

I have tried to use RealTek Audio Console to change the settings properly but there is no way of splitting the audio into two outputs like you used to with RealTek HD Audio Manager in windows 10. 

I am getting really fed up and tried every single possible solution to this, including, but not limited to, driver updates, reinstallation, FW updates, windows device manager, windows audio settings, advanced device settings in RealTek Audio Console, etc.

Note that I use VoiceMeeter Banana and whenever I only use headphones and toggled off speakers, the speakers still output audio. When I toggle off headphones and toggle on speakers, the headphone audio still outputs audio but with like 1% volume.

How is it that I had no issue with my previous PC which is a trashcan compared to the ultra high-end I have today with this expensive mobo? Makes no sense?

How do I fix this?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @kvngyoun 

Since the ports are system-detected, both the front and rear audio ports will be labeled as "RealTek USB Audio" in settings in Windows, and further customization is not possible.
You can distinguish between the front and rear ports in the RealTek Audio Console.

Could you please specify the exact configuration you require at the moment? 
Would it be possible for you to provide relevant screenshots for clarification?
Based on the troubleshooting steps you've described, may I inquire about your current BIOS version, and have you attempted clearing the CMOS?

Thank you.