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X670E Extreme severe audio issues

Level 7

Hey everybody,

Maybe here someone can help me as in several other forums nobody had an idea.

I have the following issue:

I have severe audio issues such as dropouts, audio getting very quiet, audio starting to squeak or just sound very distorted. This started happening about 4 days or so after I updated to BIOS 1415 from 1003. For a fews day with 1415 I had 0! issues. Suddenly started happening.

My hardware

  •  CPU: 7950X3D
  • RAM: G.Skill Trident Z5 NEO RGB (F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR)
  • Mainboard: Asus X670E Extreme
  • PSU: BeQuiet dark power 12 850W
  • Case: Meshify 2 XL
  • GPU: Asus rog strix 4090
  • SSD: Samsug 990 Pro

Things I tried:

I swapped put the MoBo, CPU, Ram, GPU and SSD (ll with the exact same models) but the issues stays the same.

I tried older BIOS versions and 5-7 differentRealtek Driver versions. Also worked through process without any luck.

I used a fresh clean install of Windows 11.

I changed PCH, SoC, DDR and Core voltages (Increasing and decrasing). Reset the bios and tried on stock settings.

I tried disabling all RGB and changed the interrupt mode for the GPU and the Realtek controller from LB to MSI.


Nothing worked so I hope somene here might be able to help.


Level 7

Nobody got any idea?

Level 9

I am just finishing my build with the Crosshair Extreme 670E and the 7950X3D and before start up I checked support page for drivers as the manufacturer date is June 2022 for my board. There is a newer audio driver  located on the driver's tab and there is a firmware update for audio on the bios tab.  Both the driver and the firmware state for addressing noise problems with audio.