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x670-E F unable to boot nvme

Level 8

Hi everyone, so I have a asus strix x670-E F wif motherboard and I have had it for about a year and I finally wanted to sort out my super slow boot of Windows 11, it takes exactly 1 minute to get to the windows login splash screen.

The odd thing is, my mb thinks my ssd is the os boot drive yet its completely blank (I fully formatted the ssd and checked disk manager l) so today I removed the sdd as I have two 980 evo 1tb nvme drives with my win 11 install is on one if those nvme drives.

The problem is once I removed the sdd my mb does not see any drives as bootable, so I googled around and found I need to disable AMI and enable CSM. My mb then detected the nvme drives in the boot menu and the win 11 drive as bootable but when I start the pc it just says "insert proper boot devices" I tried legacy and ufei modes in CSM but the nvme drives disappear from the boot menu.

What the hell is going on, the mb is not even a year old yet it can't boot a nvme of win11?  I hope I just need to enable or disable something else in my bios to get it my nvme to boot but idk what, and my bios is the latest version.

Can anyone assist me please.


Level 8


The problem was my Win11 install placed the efi partition on my SSD for whatever reason, so i had to create am efi partition on my nvme drive, once i did that i could boot from the nvme without any other adjustments such as CSM or AMI in the bios.

I was about to respond as I had a similar issue. But I resolved mine by using CSM then select from the drop down UEFI & Legacy then shutdown the PC. Then back into Bios NVME SSD would then be displayed again. Glad you managed to resolve your issue though

Hello, @kawasakizx10rr 

I'm glad you were able to pinpoint the problem.
If you encounter a similar issue again, we recommend referring to the instructions in "[Motherboard] Troubleshooting - Cannot find the hard disk drive or SSD(M.2) after motherboard power...
Additionally, it's possible that your motherboard may require a BIOS update, so you should also check the BIOS version and consider whether an update is necessary.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂