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x570 Crosshair VIII extreme dead.

Level 7

Woke up few days ago to open my pc and start working on the 3D projects i am occupied with currently, 
pressed the power up button, started up for 2 secs, then everything dead. 
Motherboard didnt have any leds lit up, so i thought it had something to do with the mobo itself, cause even when pc is shutdown i have some rgb lit up.

I tried switching bios to 1-2 / and clear cmos button/ removed the battery, but no avail.
Removed everything but cpu and 1 ram stick, still dead.
Today i went out and bought a 2nd used x570 cause i cant really find stock of anything "good" to cover my needs, 
plugged it in, same cpu, same ram, same AIO watercool, same psu, same hdd/nvmes, worked like a charm.

I am still under warranty, i will ship it to the retailer i bought it from, on Monday, which they will then ship it to asus HQ as they told me, and i am worried about the stock of these motherboards because there is none. 

When they deem that the motherboard should be replaced, incase there is no stock of this specific motherboard, means i have to update my whole system to newer architecture.

I choose this motherboard when i made the setup, to be able to fit 2 air cooled gpus, 3 x m.2 (the thing next to the rams is amazing) and a 5950x while having the proper pci lanes for the whole system to work as it should. 

Anyone had any issue like that before on a 900€ motherboard? 
Anyone knows how long does it take for the whole process for Asus to check the motherboard till i get it back? 
I have to use 1 GPU for now, because the mobo i just bought, doesnt have enough spacing to support 2 gpus. 

Setup :
128GB Corsair 3200mhz CL16
2x3090 Rog Strix
x570 crosshair extreme
AIO watercooler rog lc II 360
Lian Li OD11 XL rog
bunch of nvme/ssd/hdd



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @mitsakos156 

Since you have already submitted it for repair via the dealer, we recommend that you wait for their subsequent diagnosis or further assistance.
If you encounter any difficulties or concerns, please feel free to DM me with the dealer name, serial number, and RMA number at any time.
Please be aware that, due to the sensitive nature of the information provided, we recommend against disclosing it in public comments.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂