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Windows can't detect PCI adapter - Trying to rule out BIOS settings as a cause

Level 7

My pro audio sound card is getting on a bit now, but it's STILL the best interface/software setup I can imagine for my needs. So I want to keep using it. Some studio guys figured a way to keep it going in Windows 10, and it apparently still works in Windows 11 with that method... if you can get the PCI card recognised by Windows.

But as I don't have any PCI slots on my new motherboard, I thought I'd try an adapter:

But when I plug this adapter in, with or without a PCI card, it doesn't show up in Windows 11. The devices in Device Manager don't change.

I tried all 3 PCIe slots and nothing, so I was wondering if there's some setting I need to change in BIOS to give it a better chance of being recognised by the system, or if there are any other things I could try to see if the adapter is actually working.

Motherboard: RoG z790 Hero (13900k) with latest firmware & BIOS