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Will have to go for 3rd RMA for my motherboard Rog Strix B550F Gaming

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I always thought of ASUS as a brand setter for computer hardware and always relied on ASUS products for my daily use, My old rig also had ASUS and worked fine for 10 years, and my laptop from ASUS also works great. But my new rig, which I purchased on August 2, 2021, the Rog Strix B550F gaming motherboard with AMD 5600X, worked fine for 1.5 years, and then 2-3 months ago, my problem started. The computer started randomly turning off while working or gaming. I have never tweaked any overclocking setting or anything, but the restarts were quite sparse. I tried checking the temps and maintaining a log of them, but the problem was not with the temperatures. This continued for around a month. The computer had problems showing the display at times when I booted it, but after a reset or two, it booted normally and worked fine. At times, there was no problem for a week or two, but at times it shut off more than 2 or 3 times in a day randomly, and 1-2months later it stopped booting completely. The motherboard switches on and num-lock, caps-lock and scroll-lock work; the CPU fans and  the case fans are all working, but there is no display. I tried switching the RAM, the graphics card for a display card, reconnecting all my power pins, remounting my processor (AMD 5600X), changing the display cable, and the monitor, but still the problem persisted. So I called up ASUS customer care on April 20, 2023, was informed of the service center close to me, and I decided to visit.

1st RMA

On April 20, 2023, I visited the service center and waited for around an hour. I was notified that it was the service center's closing time, but they took my motherboard and told me the RMA would be generated tomorrow. The next day, on April 21, 2023, the RMA was sent to me over WhatsApp. I check the status of the RMA every day, and it always shows under diagnostics/repair. On April 26, 2023, it showed that the RMA was done, so I contacted the service center, and they told me that I could pick it up. So I visited the service center in the evening, waited for around an hour for my turn to come, and received the motherboard, a replaced, refurbished motherboard. I arrived home late in the night as the service center is far from my place, so I didn't have time to check it out. The next day I fitted the motherboard in the evening after returning from work, and I had the same problem as my original board: num-lock, caps-lock, scroll-lock, CPU fan, and case fan working but no display.

2nd RMA

The next day, on April 28, 2023, I called up ASUS customer care, and they asked me to submit the motherboard again. So I visited the service center again and had to wait again as it was crowded. After around an hour, my turn came, and I submitted the motherboard, and they assured me that the problem would definitely be solved. Then the same process repeated itself. I checked the RMA status regularly; it showed the same message under diagnostics/repair, and on May 4, 2023, it showed that the RMA was done. So on May 5th, I called up the service center and was informed that the replacement had arrived. I told them that I hoped that the problem was really solved, and the service center assured me that they were replacing my motherboard with a new one. So in the evening I visited the service center again, and after more than an hour of driving, I had to wait for my turn again for an hour. Then I was again provided with a refurbished motherboard. I asked the service center guy, "Are you sure this will work?" and was assured that yeah, it will. So I rushed home again after an hour of driving, and to my surprise, after fitting everything together and rechecking again, I found the same problem. Now I will call ASUS customer care again tomorrow morning and might have to go for a 3rd RMA.



Hello manaup,

Strange you'd get the same problem with two different motherboards.

The shutting off could be power/stability related.

what psu and gpu are you using?

Is the psu connected to a wall socket?

You could try entering the bios, hit the F5 key to reset to defaults.


It is not shutting off now, just doesn't show any display at all on boot, num-lock, scroll-lock, caps-lock, CPU fan and cabinet fan works but no display. My PSU NZXT C750 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply which is around 6 months old. I am using Colorful NVIDIA 1650 Super as GPU which is almost 2 year old. The PSU is connected to the wall socket. I can try pressing f5 but it doesn't even show HDMI as active when I boot and try to change HDMI port on the TV the HDMI is shown as disabled, so I don't think it will work, besides I did try removing the battery of the CMOS for 10 to 20 secs to reset the bios earlier and that didn't solve the problem. I have tried changing the Graphics card for a normal display card at local repair shop as I have none spare, also tried changing the RAM but that also did nothing, the problem remains the same.



Thank you for the information, all looks good with power requirements.

Depending on your TV, it can have three or four hdmi ports. With your pc on, check each hdmi port with the remote.

The Colorful GTX 1650 Super requires a 6-pin pci-e power cable, double check this is connected and fully seated.

Possible a bad cable? Would you have another hdmi cable to try? 

I have tried two different 6-pin power cables with the GPU (the GPU fans are spinning), as well as another HDMI cable. My laptop is working fine with both HDMI ports and the same cable on the same TV. HDMI switching on the TV shows that the HDMI port is disabled. No signal is different from the HDMI port being disabled. It means the HDMI cable is not receiving power from the GPU. But I have tried a display card that doesn't require the 6-pin power connector, and that didn't change anything.



With your pc shut down, try clearing the cmos by pressing and holding the clear cmos button for 3 seconds.

If that doesn't help, try updating to the latest bios using bios flashback, the latest bios version is 3002.

To use bios flashback, shut down your pc and let the psu switch on.

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I will try that, will have to setup the rig again, will let you know the result after I am done with it.


Ok sounds good, fingers crossed one of the two suggestions gets you display.


Insert a usb flash drive into a usb port on your pc, follow this short video to rename the bios file and put it on your usb flash drive.

Then use bios flashback.

Level 7


Sorry for the late replay, was under the weather. Well, I tried the method you mentioned, but couldn't update the bios. It stayed on solid green light. Tried it multiple times even formatting part of a 64Gb pen drive as FAT32, as FAT32 is not allowed on drive above 32GB. But all failed at solid green light and had to startup the PC and the reset it and try multiple times, but it failed.Luckily the display turned on without the update succeeding and displayed the following message.1683909746961.jpg

The PC has been working fine since, except once it didn't show display again and had to press reset once and the display came back, have done multiple shut downs and startup, but that situation occurred only once. Just hoping it stays that way.

I have a request, when I send my original motherboard to ASUS, I had attached my NVME stand of screws with the motherboard, but the piece I got in replacement had only one NVME stand of and the motherboard came with 2 NVME slots and 2 standoff screws. If you could send me stand off screws of NVME in courier it will help out. I am attaching an image below.1683910025554-2.jpg

If any personal information is required, please send me a mail regarding it and I will send them to you over email.