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Wifi 6e hotspot

Level 8

Hello everyone,

I just have a quick question, but I can't find an answer to it anywhere.

Maybe someone here knows about it...

I have an ASUS ROG Strix B760 i with onboard Wifi 6e.

Since the WLAN module is capable of Wifi 6e, is it possible to set up a Wifi 6e hotspot with it?

The background would primarily be a dedicated hotspot for my Quest 3.

Problem: when creating a hotspot I can only select 2.4 and 5 GHz 😞

I have a Fritz Repeater 2400 as a dedicated Quest 3 5GHz AP in the living room via a LAN bridge. Works too, but could be better 😉


Greetings: Tom


Level 9

It is a common problem. Please read here, especially the reply from user Medical_Surprise_798.

Level 8

Thanks for the info 🙂
I'm starting to think it has less to do with the lack of ability to create a 6e hotspot and more to do with another license thing because of Huawei's whiners. 6e, everyone is allowed to receive but not send without paying license fees to Huawei.
Here in Germany we currently have the case that AVM will no longer be allowed to sell 6e routers / APs in the future due to a lawsuit by Huawei and existing ones will be deprived of 6e capability through a firmware update if no license fees are paid. I think Netgear is also affected by this.
As I said, everyone is allowed to receive, but not to send. It's somehow about certain protocols and frequencies.


PS: Which then also means that it doesn't matter which 6e router/AP you buy. If it doesn't say Huawei on it, you have to expect that the brand will be sued at any time and you won't be able to use 6e anymore. For me it's a very clear blackmail tactic. This could all have been clarified in advance with the licenses, but not now that millions of devices are already in circulation.

Level 10

Wifi 6E which can use 2.4 and 5 and 6 GHz at the same time does not exist in the standard at the moment, your Internet subscription will use the automatic default one. Your 6E extender will follow what is default. Designers move faster than cable installations in your country.

Level 8

I saw something today by accident. I reinstalled the mainboard drivers again and saved fixed settings for the WiFi. Everything reconnected and what can I say...The hotspot now broadcasts on 5GHz Wifi-6. (Ok, it's not the advertised Wifi 6e but it's better than Wifi 5......I thought!) Still doesn't help because up and down are also limited to around 300 MBit. (For whatever reason)
Meanwhile, after minor optimizations, my non-AX AccessPoint (AVM Fritz Repeater 2400) is transmitting to the Quest 3 at around 1300 MBit up and 1500-1600 MBit down at Wifi-5/160MHz. In my case, Wifi-6 would be an extreme Bottleneck to LAN and Wifi-5 not. Because even with strong transmission fluctuations, neither up nor down falls below 1GBit. And that's the only thing that counts anyway... Maybe this will become an issue when I switch completely to a 2.5 or 10Gbit network locally. But right now it's working fine on my current network.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for your help. Have a nice week.

Greetz: Tom