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What precautions do you take with new BIOS - Asus?

Level 7

I am some kind of ASUS-fan boy, but I'm starting to feel much strongly that the love from ASUS is fading - or does not exist at all....

I upgraded my GPU from a GTX1080 to a RTX4070 TI SUPER to be able to fly Flightsim on a 4K Samsung monitor. 
The first thing I noticed was that when my Samsung TV-monitor was on (at 120HZ), the computer freezed for 90 seconds. The computer freezed the same way if I started my Samsung monitor when the computer was on (at 120HZ). It did not make a difference. I did not have that problem with the GTX1080 like this. It worked like a charm.  When I turned the refresh rate down to 60HZ or below it worked whithout a problem, no freezing.

I thought that maybe I had to update the BIOS for my mother board,  which I hadn't done since the Z590-F GAMING was new. 
It did not help. 
What it did was that I loosed my bluetooth... Suddenly I did not have bluetooth any more. It was all gone in my computer. I had to dig out an old keyboard with at cable and mouse such a like. 
I googled but did not find any solutions that worked. Until I came across a teenager, that said that he did shut down hiscomputer, pulled out the power cable and hold the power on button for 30 seconds. 
Off course i laughed..!
Then I tried. And it worked...
Really, Asus, what kind of clowns is working with the BIOS-updates at your company? Is this acceptable? If the update has to clear any CMOS or such alike, why does it not?

Now I have another problem: I can not connect with my Universal Apollo X6 thunderbolt soundcard, which is connected to the computer with a Asus ThunderboltEX 3. I have done all I can, it does not work. I. Can. Not. Use. My. Recording. Studio. It did work like a charm with the old graphic card and the earlier BIOS. 

The computers device manager says it's there, but I can not use it as an output. You should be happy that this is not what I earn my livelihood by, right now. 

Again; I WAS an Asus fanboy... You have to step up in this game and - at least do the obious. If I cant work with an ASUS MB, an ASUS TB-card and an ASUS RTX4070 TI Super - why should I still be an ASUS fan boy?. 



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @sunday_two 

Could you please confirm if the sound card connected via ThunderboltEX 3 was not working after updating the BIOS, whereas it was working fine before?
May I ask if the BIOS has been successfully updated? 
If so, which version was it updated to, and what is the version of the Intel Thunderbolt Driver?
If the BIOS has not been updated to version 2001 released on December 20, 2023, and the Intel Thunderbolt Driver has not been updated to version V1.41.1340.0 released on August 18, 2023, we recommend considering updating them and checking again after clearing CMOS.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂