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Water pump connections to a Rog Strix B550-F Gaming

Level 8

I see this has been asked a million time but I see different answers every time. 

Where do I connect the water pump to this motherboard?

I was thinking pump to cpu_fan and radiator fans to cpu_opt.

But then the manual says to connect the water pump to aio_pump. 

My pump has a 3pin connector so it will be full speed anyway.

Amperers output are all the same on all connectors (1A)

Any thoughts? 



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @ddave 

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delayed response, as there have been consecutive holidays at our location in recent days.
CPU_OPT is used to connect extra fans or an additional water cooling radiator fan, providing additional cooling, and CPU_FAN is used to connect the CPU cooler fan, ensuring proper cooling. Both ports are typically monitored and controlled for fan speed through the BIOS.
AIO_PUMP is designed for the pump of an all-in-one water cooling system, which includes a pump and radiator for CPU cooling.
Connect the pump plug to the AIO_PUMP interface, which provides a fixed voltage or signal to operate the pump.
According to the motherboard user manual, for water cooling kits, please connect the pump connector to the AIO_PUMP header.


Thank you.

Hi @Jiaszzz_ROG 

no problem, I hope you enjoyed your time off. 

As for the liquid cooling I ended up following the manufacturer recommendations, which is the same as you are telling me.

I connected the pump to the aio_pump, and the two radiator fans to cpu_fan and cpu_opt (I got this from the cooler master website).

I haven't played around with the bios yet but temps are way lower than before.

Previously I had the cpu stock fan bios setting set to turbo so that option must have carried over to the radiator fans, now radiator fans are around 1000rpm, which seems ok I guess (chassis fan is around 900)

anyhow, temps went down more than 25°C so I am pretty happy with that.

Thanks again for your answer