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Water leak detected

Level 7


I have been using ASUS ROG Crosshair IV extreme for past 4-5years.

Today, when booting my computer, the following message pops up and I can't boot.

WARNING! Water leak detected.
For system safety, the system will shut down in 5 seconds.

But I've never used any water cooling unit.

How can fix this error?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @blankammo .

May I ask if this prompt occurred after any changes were made? For example, updating the BIOS or replacing the fan
After encountering the prompt message, does the system automatically shut down and become unable to boot again?
Please confirm if the CPU_FAN connector on the motherboard is loose.

Thank you.

Level 7

I have the same problem, nothing changed. out of nothing the error code "Warning Water leak detected" system is shutting down in 5 seconds.... Now i cant do anything with my PC. Did you had find a solution? Kind regards Joop

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @joophermsen 

May I ask if the situation you described happened after any changes were made? 
For example, updating the BIOS or connecting an external device
Could you please provide more detailed information?
This includes your current motherboard model and BIOS version, as well as more specific hardware specifications, screenshots of any error messages, attempted troubleshooting steps, and so on.
This will help us gain a better understanding of your current situation.

Thank you.