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Warranty clarification when using immersion cooling

Level 7

dear Asus

I want to build a powerful pc so i decided to buy components like Asus Rog z790 motherboard and Asus Rog thor power supply and as to maintain its temperature we want to use these components in an immersion cooling system.

So can you please tell me that, does we hold the warranty of product when using immersion cooling. Also tell that how can I retain my warranty of product with immersion cooling.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Avinashkushwah 

Whether it's the motherboard or the PSU, you can search for the specific model on the ASUS official website and click on "support" at the top right corner > "Warranty" to download the Motherboard Limited Warranty Policy or the Power Supply Units Warranty Card for further clarification on warranty terms.
Please note that the warranty period and related information may vary slightly depending on your country or dealer.
If necessary, we recommend further consulting your dealer.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 7

Dear @Jiaszzz_ROG  

As i already downloaded the datasheet and read the warranty policy of the products but I am not able to find any clarification about immersion cooling, which is a quite common nowadays to maintain the temperature and enhancing the life of components, so I want Asus to clarify those concerns before i invest money to expensive Rog lineup.