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Vga randomly not recognised durind post. Asus B650e f

Level 8

Started having issues with my board not recognizing my discrete gpu (xfx 7900xt) during post (stuck at white led). I can hear that windows loads but no display port signal detected. Tried my gpu in another system and it works fine. Tried another card in my system  and the issue persisted and tried several bios versions (currently on latest vesion 2616). Only display out that works without any issues is from igp from my CPU (display port on motherboard)

Using windows 11 pro, 10.0.22631 build

Motherboard: Asus rog strix B650e-f gaming wifi

Psu: seasonic prime 750 titanium

gpu: xfx rx 7900xt

Cpu: r5 7600x

Memory: g.skill flarex5 F5-6000J3636F16GX2-FX5



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Silvijo 

Could you please clarify if this issue occurred after the PC was first built or after using it for some time and occurred following any recent changes, such as a BIOS update or component replacement?
Based on your description, is the issue of the GPU not being recognized random or intermittent?
When the XFX 7900XT is not recognized, is the GPU connected using an extension cable or adapter?
Which slot on the motherboard is it installed in, and does cross-testing with different slots resolve the issue?

Regarding video signal output settings in BIOS, if you adjust the settings by entering BIOS > Advanced Settings > Integrated Graphics Configuration > Primary Display to PCIe, has the issue been resolved?

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 8


i had the system build for more than a year. Issues started after a bios update, however  i tried rolling back to the same bios but it did not work. No components were changed. Gpu can sometimes get recognised (after several restarts) but the display would randomly (while gaming or just in windows or while in bios) get black with no dp signal detected. I then tried ddu, reinstalled gpu drivers again (same issue), used my friends nvidia card (ddu then installing nvidia drivers) and the same issue happend. I even tried my xfx 7900xt in my friends system and it was working fine. 

Card was installed in 1xPCIe 5.0 x 16 slot, it was directly  pluged in, no adapter or riser cables. The other 1xPCIe 4.0 x16 slot cannot be used because card would not fit there. It is 1 cm from the bottom of the board. 

I have tried disabling the integrated graphics, it did not work. 

Level 8

And I am currently using igpu without  my discrete gpu in my system. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Silvijo 

May I ask if you have inspected the PCIe slots for stains or damage?

Additionally, kindly attempt a bare-board test in an insulated environment:
Install only the CPU, RAM, GPU, and PSU on the motherboard, then power on to verify whether the Q-LED white VGA light persists or if the system can display correctly and enter BIOS.
Please cross-test the XFX 7900XT in two PCIe slots or repeat cross-testing with other GPUs as well.
And if the above steps fail to resolve the Q-LED VGA and no display issues, consider sending the hardware for further diagnostic testing.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Thank you for your effort. No damage is visible on Pcie slot. 

Tried my friends Nvidia card 1650 super and the same happend. At first it worked, but after 2-3 times I started the computer issues again started to occur. Both cards work in my friends system.

Level 13

restart/turn on the pc and play with monitor menu so does not go to sleep. i do this all the time

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Tried that one but when i do get trough the post  with gpu recognized (after severall restarts) and in the windows i still experience sudden no display port detected and no image on the screen. Sometimes i can even play some games but the same happens (no dp detected)

Level 8

However Amazon has agreed to issue a refund for my motherboard. 

Thx for your help!

Level 7

Which video cable are you using, hdmi 2.1 or dp? Until I changed my bios (2616) settings my display port was not recognized ie...white led and no video. There were no issues with the hdmi 2.1 cable.