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Usb notifaction sound at start up?

Level 9

I have a z790a stric board and I have noticted when I plug in a usb HDD or a usb pen drive in any of the blue usb ports on the back of the motherboard and leave the device plugged in. I then turn of the pc fully, i.e remove the plug from the mains and then plug in the mains and turn the pc on again at the login screen I get a notifaction sound telling me my usb device is connected this does not happen all the time but happens most of the time. But when I plug the same device in the red 10gb usb ports this issue is not present, why is this happening? I have tried everything, latest chipset drivers, re installed windows 11 on agen 4 nvme, re installed the usb drivers. The strange thing is usb ports work I can transfer data and view data but that sound is driving me insane. I am aware once u plug in a usb device and not remove it, windows should not be making any sound.


Level 8


If you want to just disable USB sounds:

  • go to Settings then Personalizations then Themes then Sounds then Sounds

Then in Program Events disable:

  • Device Connect
  • Device Disconnect 

sounds by selecting “None” for them in the dropdown.

Hi, thank you for the reply, just wanted to say I am aware of disabling the sound but having a underlaying issue by masking the sound off is not what I want. My OCD will drive me up the wall. I would firstly like to know why are all the blue usb ports on the back of the motherboard have this behaviour where a drive plugged in makes a notifaction noise at windows start up telling me a device is connected. From my understanding of building computers for over 19 years once a usb device is plugged into the port it should not make a noise unless u unplug it and reconnect it. Secondly the RED 10GB usb ports on the back of the motherboard do not have this behavior nor do my front blue usb ports on my case. I am hopeing someone from Asus who knows this board well can tell me before I RMA it.

Thank u

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @AliAPCMR 

May I ask if the situation you described happened after any changes were made?
For example, updating the BIOS or connecting an external device
As in the image below, does the blue USB port occasionally (not every time) produce the detection sound for connected USB devices during cold boot, while the red USB port consistently remains silent?

Could you please confirm the currently connected USB devices(brand and model name), the results of the USB ports you have tested (including the front panel ports), whether this occasional issue occurs with specific USB devices, and if you have tried confirming with a USB hub or cross-testing USB devices on other PCs?

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Hello thank you for your reply, as u have stated correctly this issue does not happen all the item but I can replicate the issue by turning the pc off compleatly by removing the plug from the mains and then re plugging in the mains and turning the pc back on (Cold boot). After a few attempts of turning the pc of and on again via cold boot like 2 or 3 attempts I can get the notification sound at the windows login screen telling me a usb device has been connected bare in mind the device has not been removed its been plugged in and not touched. As for the device and which ports this happens in, its all the 4 blue usb ports that behave this way and its any device that can transfer data such as usb pen drive, external hdd via all the blue usb ports. Other devices such as mouse, keyboard, headset does not do this, and the devices remain the same that I used in the blue usb ports such as a samsung usb pen drive, a 1tb WD external hdd, other usb pen drivers ect... and these do not have this behaviour on another pc I own. Also just wanted to add, this issue happened when I got the motherboard it had the bios version that was installed from factory. I installed windows 11 and no drivers, nothing was installed just a brand new mobo, cpu, ram, gpu, psu installed and a fresh copy of windows 11 even the bios was not touched I just wanted to install windows 11 and set everything up and the problem was there since day 1. This problem has continued even after I installed every driver for this board and updating the bios, the issue is still there. Also the front usb case ports which are also blue do no have this behaviour, I do not know if this is normal behaviour but I have always believed when a device is plugged in it should not make a notifaction sound at all unless removed and re plugged in. I can RMA the board but I am stuck to why this is happening?

Thank you

So its been 5 days and no one has got back to me after I provided more details. I would like to inform you I have done further testing. I have bought 4 more asus motherboards, z790E, z790F, z790 hero and finally the z790H, I have spent over 4 days testing each board. Wasted a lot of thermal paste to, making sure everything is done properly, Every single one of these board makes the notifaction sound when I am at the login screen while a usb pendrive is connected to a blue usb port. I then tested the red ports on each of the boards and again no sound at start up. Out of curiosity I turned on my z390e system with a 9700k and tested the same usb devices which are a samsung usb pen drive, a external 1tb HDD with a usb 3.0 connection and some other usb pen drives which I tested on the z790 boards and these devices do not have the sound at start up. Yet these very same devices make the notifaction sound at start up when I turn on the pc with any of the z790 boards. Either I have really bad look and a total of 5 boards are fauilty or I am missing something here, because as mentioned I am aware once a usb pen drive is plugged in it should not make a noise at start up.