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USB devices connected to my motherboard turn on and off all the time

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Hello, I'm going straight to the point. It turns out that 1 month ago I built my PC and chose an ASUS motherboard specifically Prime b760m-a d4 (although I see that many people have the problem with other motherboards) I think my problem is related to the motherboard chipset, since My technician who recommended I buy this motherboard has this same one on his PC and previously he had not noticed because he plays with a console control, but I play with peripherals (keyboard, mouse) and it hurts me more, but last night I mentioned the problem to my technician And he tried playing with a keyboard and mouse on his PC and after a while it started to fail. I say that the problem is in the chipset because he has the older version of my motherboard which is the Prime b760-plus d4 and what happens to him is not the model but the chipset. Well, the problem is that the keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals connected to the direct USB ports of the motherboard (rear USB) begin to fail and turn off and on simultaneously. This problem occurs mainly when I play games or do heavy tasks (which It makes me wonder (more charge?) and it is very annoying because I am playing and suddenly it crashes and I can lose the game, then I tried with the front USB ports in my case and they work without problems, the inconvenience is that I only have 2 and I don't go to buy a usb hub since these cause errors in some games (valorant, csgo/cs2) I can also opt for a usb hub that is not powered by the PC and has its own power cable from the mains, since you are trying it with it usb hub of my monitor connected to the rear usb and they do not fail because it is the monitor that powers the devices and not the rear usb port itself, I will choose to buy a PCI express with usb ports, but I am not happy with it since I bought this very expensive and new board and it is not possible that it comes with so many USBs and they cannot be used. I have been reading a lot of people with this problem, but there has never been a solution and now my technician is also scared because he has built many PCs for clients with this mother (chipset), he still has not received any complaints, so we have a somewhat silly theory It turns out that this mother comes prepared for Windows 11, but I suppose it is optional, I don't want Windows 11, I am happy with Windows 10, but the other clients that my technician has had go with Windows 11 and there have not yet been any complaints (although these clients do not play or do such heavy tasks that is where the failure begins), but my technician and I use Windows 10 and we have the problem. So we think maybe there is a problem with the compatibility of certain drivers or functionalities with Windows 10 and it won't happen with Windows 11, but this doesn't make sense so I'm not going to try it.

At first I thought it was a problem with my keyboard and my mouse but I have already changed it several times and the same thing happens with everyone, if anyone has a solution I would greatly appreciate it.

I already tried the following and nothing worked:

- Install drivers for Asmedia USB

- Update motherboard drivers (mainly the chipset driver)

- Update the bios



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USB devices connected to my motherboard turn on and off all the time
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