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UEFI settings; unable to install Win 11 on ROG Maximus Z790 Hero, BIOS 1501 ...

Level 7

The Microsoft PC Health app mentions issue about the UEFI not available... and checking into the ''win 11 ready mobos'' on the Asus website, nothing about this mobo but much older boards models are ok ?!??


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Mobohofo 

Could you please confirm if you are facing any difficulties while upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11?
Upon verification, ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO does support Windows 11.

We recommend referring to the "[Motherboard] How to install Windows 11?" guide to ensure the correct steps are followed, as after clearing CMOS, enable the TPM option.
If there is an inoperable part of the process, please share more detailed context or screenshots for us to better understand your scenario.

Thank you.

Level 11

Windows 11 requires UEFI Only. So deactivate CSM in the UEFI/Bios. You can also use WhyNotWin11 to check why Windows 11 cannot be installed.

Your mainboard is definitely Windows 11 compatible.

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Level 9

Hi everybody! I flashed the latest version of BIOS 1501 on my motherboard ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO. Now for some reason the default memory frequency has become 4200 and in version 1402 it was 4800. How do we understand this?