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Turning on resizable bar on 9xxx Intel CPUs?

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is it good idea to try turn on resizable bar on Intel 9600kf, I have option in BIOS. I have RTX 3070. It is possible it won't register, but some ppl say on reddit it worked with their 9xxx CPU! I don't want to brick anything, or like that, so I Am asking for more infom. My motherboard: ASUS Z390-i Gaming. I Am playing Resident Evil 4, need every bit fps boost I can get!!!

Thank you very much!

EDIT: i turned it on with 4g memory address and 24-119 interrupts. It shows under NVCP system info: no however next to resizable bar 😞 I tried this workaround with nvidia profile inspector: And even it seem to give me fps boost, not sure if it is on honestly, is kinda hard to tell for me at this point...

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Customer Service Agent

Hello, @empleat .

Regarding how to enable the resizable bar, please refer to [Motherboard]How to Enable Resize BAR(Resizable BAR) function?
However, resizable BAR support requires the motherboard BIOS, graphics card, and driver to be supported simultaneously.
According to the response from the relevant department, the ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING does not support Resizable BAR.

Thank you.

Why i have it in bios and can set it to Auto/disable? Tho?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @empleat .

It is indeed true that the ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING supports a resizable bar after updating the BIOS from the official website, instead of the native version that comes with the feature.
We apologize for the confusion this may cause.
Enabling resizable BAR can indeed enhance the overall performance of the graphics card.
May I ask if you are currently experiencing any difficulties while enable it?

Thank you.

I am now not sure now - whether or not it is even working! In NVCP next to resizable bar it says no, while I have enabled in bios memory remap, 4G decoding and 24-119 interrupts + resizable bar. 


Level 10

I want to try turn on resizable bar yet, as it would be shame not to if i could. But i have no luck so far.

ASUS z390-i gaming, i5 9600kf, RTX 3070, Windows 11...

I put in BIOS:

- resizable bar to AUTO

- above 4G Decoding to enabled

- 24-119 entries to enabled 

- disabled CSM/secure boot on/off

Otherwise BIOS is latest version and i had also actual drivers installed on my pc, no yellow devices...

And still resizable bar in NVCP in system information, there is no next to it... I can't find under manage 3d settings/global also resizable bar entry. I Am on windows 11 Pro, drivers 531.79, using NVcleanInstall software currently, but wasn't before... And tried reinstall Nvidia drivers with DDU.

I can't find in msconfig32 even PCI under components to check for resizable bar there...

I also read there is way to enable it in NVinspector, but i am not sure if it works... 

I knew it was long-shot, even ppl say it works even on 8700 etc. but didn't read 600 series... 

Do you have any ideas what i can try yet to enable resizable bar? It would help me a lot, i don't have enough fps in Resident Evil 4...




Customer Service Agent

Hello, @empleat 

Based on your description, you've already set the resizable bar to AUTO in the BIOS.
Please refer to the part of Confirm Resize BAR state with NVIDIA Control Panel or Confirm Resize BAR state with GPU-Z in [Motherboard]How to Enable Resize BAR(Resizable BAR) function? if needed.
If there are any abnormalities or concerns, please provide the following information to help us understand your current setup.
- the current BIOS version and images of the BIOS settings
- the serial numbers of your motherboard and GPU via PM
- the brand, model name, and part number of the currently installed DRAM
- the brand and model name of the CPU, GPU, SSD/HDD, and PSU currently installed
- a screenshot of the ASUS GPU Tweak II main page of the VBIOS version
- a screenshot of the details in the NVIDIA Control Panel or GPU-Z

Thank you.

This is a lot of stuff, i will get this for you. Just can you specify what settings in BIOS? Resizable bar, or GPU sections is obvious, do you want something else also? I AM not sure what is relevant besides this and that CSM is disabled.