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Tuf Gaming z790-PLUS Wifi Stability Issues

Level 7

im having issues with my tuf gaming z790-plus for over 3 months now and cant seem to solve them.
The main Issues are:

- pc is having application errors resulting in them vanishing.
- BSODs with mainly SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION with win32kbase.sys
- constant WHEA-LOGGER warning Event-id 2 where it says hardware malfunction corrected

I have tried to solve this with the process of elimination.
RAM: ive tested with windows memory diagnostic & over 8h Memtest86
CPU: with stress testing it with prime95 & Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool
SSD: chkdsk & useing different slots and different units
GPU: i fresh installed win11 without external gpu
PSU: switch for another one

All of this didn't solve my problems. i also updated the bios and intel me.
Which leaves me to believe something is faulty with my Mainboard.
I've already send the Mainboard to Asus for repairs which came back with the message they could not comprehend my Problem.

My Components:
CPU: Intel i9 13900k
PSU: 1000W
GPU: nvidia rtx 4080
RAM: 2x16GB Kingston KF560C36BBEK2-32
SSD: Samsung SSD 980 1TB / Samsung SSD 960 EVO 500GB



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @gino_33 

May I ask if the BSOD appeared after using the system for a while, or did it occur right after building the PC and installing the OS?
Regarding the troubleshooting methods you've mentioned, such as 8H Memtest86, Prime95, Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, and chkdsk, could you please provide the testing scenarios (settings, parameters, background) and the results?
After updating the BIOS and Intel ME, did you perform a clear CMOS? Have you manually adjusted any BIOS settings?
Please provide more detailed descriptions (such as temperatures, frequencies, and usage scenarios) along with screenshots (error messages, test results, etc.), relevant information, and the serial number of the TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI and the RMA number via PM.
If possible, please offer a complete video recording of the problem and the troubleshooting steps you've taken after encountering a BSOD.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂