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TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 USB connection issue

Level 7

So the other day, I was chilling on my computer when suddenly, my mouse started to lag, and Windows kept playing the connect/disconnect chime. At first, I thought it might be some stupid Windows bugs, so I restarted my computer and picked up where I left off.

But the condition gets worse.

Eventually, my keyboard start to lag just like my mouse, both are wireless and used a 2.4Ghz USB reciver, I tried both on other hardware and it works fine, switch to every single us ports on my pc it still happened. And then then stop receiving inputs altogether . 

I tried to reinstall driver, doesn’t work. Update BIOS, doesn’t help. It even lags in the BIOS settings. At this point i have no clue what is happening and my computer is unusable.