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Too high temperatures with "Current Microcode" on Asus Strix B760-F Gaming wifi and other Problems

Level 9


Bevore you buy the B series motherboard you need to know that you can't really undervolt CPU's which generate a lot of heat and more important you can't overclock with this series even though its the best b760 you can buy.

It is nowhere written only on some forums. I didn't knew this either and now im stuck with a not overclackable i7 13700k which also generates a lot of heat.

You must set the microcode under "tweakers paradies" to 0x104 even tough it says you it has security problems. But without that my i7 13700k with a 360 Alphacool Aio and a contact frame reached 95 in gaming anas you would expect 100°C throttling on benchmark even with CPU-Z Stress. 

With 0x104 it was about 20°C less. I can now run Cinebench and get around 30.500 Points which this CPU should deliver.

I don't know why this is nearly nowhere written or mentioned. I think many people with this or similar motherboards are wondering why but really is the microcode for some reason.

I hope There will be a BIOS update to overclock or properly undervolt. This motherboard must be cappable of that because it's the best b760. 

I don't want to return it and buy a very more expencive motherboard of the Z series or so.



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