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Too high temperatures with "Current Microcode" on Asus Strix B760-F Gaming wifi and other Problems

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Bevore you buy the B series motherboard you need to know that you can't really undervolt CPU's which generate a lot of heat and more important you can't overclock with this series even though its the best b760 you can buy.

It is nowhere written only on some forums. I didn't knew this either and now im stuck with a not overclackable i7 13700k which also generates a lot of heat.

You must set the microcode under "tweakers paradies" to 0x104 even tough it says you it has security problems. But without that my i7 13700k with a 360 Alphacool Aio and a contact frame reached 95 in gaming anas you would expect 100°C throttling on benchmark even with CPU-Z Stress. 

With 0x104 it was about 20°C less. I can now run Cinebench and get around 30.500 Points which this CPU should deliver.

I don't know why this is nearly nowhere written or mentioned. I think many people with this or similar motherboards are wondering why but really is the microcode for some reason.

I hope There will be a BIOS update to overclock or properly undervolt. This motherboard must be cappable of that because it's the best b760. 

I don't want to return it and buy a very more expencive motherboard of the Z series or so.



Accepted Solutions

I have looked up for a new bios version for this board just for interest and it seems like there was a fix.


Version 1003
10.93 MB 2023/04/24

1. Update Intel ME version
2. Update Intel Microcode
3. Improve memory compatibility


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Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Crosscode 

In order to forward your feedback to the relevant departments, could you please provide us with the following information?
- Is the current BIOS version and related settings content where the CPU undervolt is adjusted in the BIOS?
- Could you provide more details and screenshots of the "microcode under tweakers paradise to 0x104" setting and the security problem prompt? As well as screenshots of the Cinebench test items and scores.
- Have you ever encountered a high CPU temperature while playing games?
What game was it? What software did you use to monitor the CPU temperature (name, version, and screenshot)?

If possible, please provide more details to help us confirm the relevant settings.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂


First of all, i have upgraded to the z690 f gaming wifi and i want to say that al those temperature and voltage problems are gone. I can't provide you screenshots because of that.

What i meant was there is a setting in BIOS-0812 which will allow you to go from "Current Microcode" - I don't know which one because it's nowhere listed and i assume its the latest. - to 0x104. It will tell you that it's unsafe but switching to that reduced the voltage on the cpu which also resulted in much lower temperatures. There is also another thread which i will link here where another person encountered the same problem and it also solved the issue.

Yes the temperatures where also hitting up to 95°C in games especially when doing longer sessions with a hot gpu in the system and even with good airflow because the voltage that the cpu really neads was to high.

I really don't want to assume bad things of these motherboards in any way but i think this is really weird considering the problems doesn't occure on my z690 and i am very convinced of Asus products but i just wan't to help getting this possible fix around.

I don't know how many users of the board even look at the temperatures of their components but i assume we were not the only ones.

May ask the guy in the thread about the screenshots and other nesseserly things.




I have just overlooked that you are already into this thread.

He said it at the end.

Anyway, great weekend!

Level 8

thank you thank you !!!!!! Finally someone is talking about it. I confirm the same problem and this since the beginning of January 2023. I have an i5 13600k and a ROG B660 F gaming. The CPU voltages and temperatures are so high that I have Thermal Throttling and a big drop in performance during long processes. The voltage of the DDR5 RAM is also abnormal. (1.35v MCV ? seriously Asus ??!)

I contacted ASUS technical support, I waited for a very long time to get empty answers. I find that they don't make much effort, because the problem is very visible and affects several configurations based on 13th generation intel and B660/B770 minimum. I contacted g.skill support and they confirmed that the RAM voltages are not good (I have a copy of their email as proof). I also contacted INTEL support and it's the same for them, this behavior is not normal (Unable to pass stress test with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility). You don't have this problem with other brands.

Disabling Asus Enhanced Performance 3.0 does not help, worse, it can make the problem worse! (It is incomprehensible, the proof that the bios is broken.) I just tried the new 2404 bios and unfortunately the problem is the same.

I don't have time to detail everything, but for now I advise you to install the 2012 firmware and to set your memory controller voltage between 1.15 or 1.2 if you OC your RAM. The firmware 2212 and 2404 are not working properly. With 0x104 it works better if MCE is disabled, but you will have better performance with firmware 2012.

This is not the first time I've seen an ASUS rog bios broken and not fixed... it's starting to become a habit...

Sad to hear that you encounter the same problems. Can't imagine running an i9 on those boards. 

The memory voltage variates depending on brand and speed. 

My Corsair 6000Mt's CL40 runs 1.35v with XMP but this is also mentioned on the website. That is still a very safe voltage but it also depends on what it is configured for. I like to OC them and mine is no at 6400MT's CL 36 and abnormal subtimings at 1.47V but i have a fan constantly pushing air on it. Wen't from 95Gb's to 105Gb's and 72ns to 55ns. People say between 1.45v to 1.5v max. can be run 24/7 but it needs to stay cool for stability and long term usage.

If your ram comes with 1.25v XMP it is still a bit unusual that the board set's it to 1.35v which really isn't nessercary if you don't OC them further and should run perfectly with the advertised speed and voltage.

I have bought the Z690 instead and all of those problems are gone. I don't know why the firmware and BIOS variates so much from each other.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Spinoff 

In order to further confirm with the relevant department or investigation, we require additional information.
May I ask if you are referring to a situation where the CPU voltage and temperature are high under default BIOS settings?
Please provide the operational scenario and frequency of occurrence, along with screenshots of the software used to monitor the CPU.
Regarding the abnormal memory voltage, please provide the complete model and part number of the memory used, which slots it was installed in, and screenshots of the results of monitoring the memory.
Aside from that, please confirm whether you have cross-tested other memory or have tested the results of installing a single memory module.
Based on your description, disabling Asus Enhanced Performance 3.0 cannot eliminate the problem. Have you tried the default BIOS settings?
Although you mentioned that you are unable to provide more information, we still require detailed information to confirm the settings and configuration, as well as specific areas that can be modified.

Thank you for your time.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

I have looked up for a new bios version for this board just for interest and it seems like there was a fix.


Version 1003
10.93 MB 2023/04/24

1. Update Intel ME version
2. Update Intel Microcode
3. Improve memory compatibility


Thank you for this message, but the issue seems to affect the ROG B760-F Gaming motherboard as well as the B660-F Gaming, and I don't see any updates available for the latter.

Thank you for this message. I will answer with a resounding yes to all of your questions. However, I no longer have any screenshots, and I have spent so much time trying to resolve the issue that I don't want to undo what I have done. I had already contacted ASUS support, but without success. My experiences with ASUS support have often been poor. To illustrate my point, I will try to be constructive and not just a "complaining" customer. ASUS support (as well as other brands) should provide users with the option to send them a report of their settings. Let me explain further, a feature that allows users to extract all of their BIOS settings instead of asking for screenshots. And they should ask for this right from the first contact with support. It would save ALL of us time and ensure accuracy.