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That's it, i'm done with this brand

Level 8

I've been using an Asus motherboard since ISA-486 and the first PC I ever built myself had a CUSL2-C. I've always thought about Asus as the brand to go when building a PC and I've always recommended Asus boards for all the PCs I've built for others. Lately it seems you guys actively want to be hated. From frustrating RMA woes to removing the 5 dollar QLED on all but the most expensive boards, now you've gone ahead and removed the PC speaker header ?! In order to be sure that my Crosshair X670E Hero have booted properly after an eternity, I have to stick my head in the case which is absolutely unacceptable for an enthusiast overclocking board. What 5 cent component will you remove next time Asus ?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Juzam .

May I inquire if you have encountered any difficulties during the assembly of the ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME?
What specific situation would require you to refer to the Q-LED or speaker header?

Thank you.

My specific situation regarding the speaker header is that it does not exist. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Juzam 

Thank you for the feedback regarding the Q-LED and speaker header.
The appropriate teams will look into and evaluate your suggestions for future use.

Thank you.