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im not good with engling ill trying


I just wanna know why the supremfx so different btw z97-pro gamer and asus rog b450 f gaming

im a rainbow six siege pro player and i just upgrade my pc to ryzen  with asus rog b450 f gaming and back then i use z97-pro gamer with hyperx cloud earbuds and its great i can hear everything good gunshot footstep everything work very fine but i decide to upgrade my pc but i still in love with that z97-pro gamer motherboard i just change to  asus rog b450 f gaming and hyperx cloud earbuds 2 but everything change i can hear what is left and what is right but not cleary like z97-pro gamer did before what did i do wrong or what should  i do? update my audio driver to the lastest version of it


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @SirOMER 

The software may vary depending on the motherboard model and driver version.
May I inquire whether you have connected the headsets to the audio port on the chassis or the rear panel of the motherboard?
If cross-testing with connecting to the motherboard rear panel or the previous HyperX Cloud Earbuds, do you still encounter unclear audio issues?
Could you specify the OS version and build you are currently using, as well as whether the Realtek Audio Driver is installed on the ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING official website with the latest version
If necessary, please consider updating the BIOS and clearing CMOS to reassess the situation.

Thank you.