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Stuttering USB front header ports - B450-i

Level 7

Ever since I owned this motherboard, I simply cannot use the front USB ports, they are connected of course to the USB header on the motherboard (the 19 pin header so I guess that's the USB 3.1)

The symptoms are 

- when I connect any usb flash drive so do a file copy or any other operation like viewing images taken from my camera from the sd card via usb adapter - windows constantly showing the drive as connecting, disconnecting over and over.   File copy gets interrupted and has to start over or get cancelled.  Copying large files to hard disk is impossible.

- when I plug in my logitech unifying receiver to that port, the mouse and keyboard are constantly losing connection every few seconds, on and off like stuttering. so hard to click on things, or type things.  devices are just a few feet away in line of sight.  they work normally when connected to the rear ports

Is there anything I can do to fix this at all?  Could it be the cable connected to the USB header from the computer case I have, or is this something common like interference from WIFI/Bluetooth, or could there be something wrong with the motherboard itself?  


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @erotavlas 

May I inquire about your current BIOS version, and have you attempted a clear CMOS?
If you haven't updated to the latest BIOS version 5302 released on November 10, 2023, please consider the update and clearing CMOS for further verification.
Regarding the abnormality with the front USB ports, when connecting a USB device to the rear panel of the motherboard, is it functioning correctly? Have you tried reconnecting the motherboard to the chassis?
Concerning potential Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interference, we suggest accessing BIOS > Advanced Mode > Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration, setting the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options to [disabled], saving the settings, and rebooting to see if there is any improvement.

Thank you.