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Strix B550 Dram/Cpu

Level 7

Hello I have a problem, when I start pc it turn:

yellow DRAM light

red cpu

White wga

Green boot Ram: Kingston furry 3600 cl16 Cpu ryzen 5800x Also I tried using docp profile 1 is not working giving me blue screen (3600cl16) so I use profile 2 (3000cl15) and it works normally. Until now I tried on docp change voltage, tried with 1 ram stick first then second and tried without docp on auto and it still goes on. On my old motherboard rams worked normally. Thank you


Level 7

No idea is this will work for you, but i had the same issue with getting the DOCP profile to work, which in my case is 3200Mhz. 

What (somehow) worked for me was changing the actual memory speed in the BIOS, after setting the profile. So i would activate the DOCP profile and then manually change the speed to 3266Mhz (which is the smallest increment above). The system has worked flawlessly ever  since.