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Stop Computer Restart After Power "Blip"

Level 8

Hello All,

I have a ROG Strix B550-F WiFi MB and I am trying to figure out how to prevent the system from coming back on after a power blip (power goes out and immediately comes back on) just because I worry about power surges. The computer is not plugged into a UPS (very bad, I know), although it is plugged up to an APC surge protector. I have done the following already:

- Under Advanced\APM Config I have Restore AC Power Loss set to Power Off.

- In Windows 11, in Startup and Recovery, I have Automatically restart unchecked located in System failure.

I have been trying to fix this for awhile, and I have followed most "fixes" that have been recommended on other sites and forums...including the ROG forum. Thanks to anyone that can offer any assistance.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Grandmast3r 

May I ask what kind of abnormality you encountered that required you to make such settings?
Adjusting the "Restore AC Power Loss" setting to "Power Off" in the BIOS ensures that the system does not automatically power on after a power loss is restored.

Thank you.

Hey Jiaszzz,

I moved to a new area back in 2019, and for some strange reason, the power will cycle on and off in the entire house every now and then; we have had the power company come out multiple times, but it still keeps happening. I already have the setting "Restore AC Power Loss" set to "Power Off", but the system still comes back on.

My significant other has an older Asus motherboard, and her computer stays off after the power "blip". If there is an interruption in power, I want the computer to stay off and not come back on, but every setting I have tried in the bios and Windows does not work. I appreciate your reply! Thank you.

Level 8

Hello again. Just checking to see if anyone has any experience with the problem I described above. Thanks!