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SSD slots ASUS z790 Prime-A

Level 7


Good morning, this is my configuration

-Mobo ASUS z790 prime-A Wifi
-CPU Intel 13900k
-2x16 gb RAM G. Skill trident Z DDR5
-SSD M2 Samsung 990 pro 1 tb (installed in the main slot of the mobo) with Windows 11 23H2
- SSD M2 Samsung 980 pro 1 tb as secondary

Both Samsung SSDs have firmware updated to the latest version and I ran integrity tests with the Magician software, which found no errors.


I recently had the 980 as primary SSD and an 870 evo as secondary and I never had any problems.

I just recently swapped the 980 for the 990, installing Windows 23H2 on the 990 and using the 980 as secondary after formatting it and passing all the files from the 870 evo to it. So, now I have the 990 as primary with Windows and the 980 as secondary with miscellaneous files. But now 990 gives me various types of BSOD every 1/2 days.

Someone told me to make a clean Windows installation on the 990 without plugging in the 980, update Windows and install the drivers, and only then plug in the 980, but the problem persists.


As shown in the picture (taken from this site), the 990 is mounted in slot A and the 980 in slot D.

My question is: is there any particular slot I need to use on the mobo or is there any setting I need to do in the bios to solve this problem?


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @maxnitti96 

Based on your description, you currently have only two M.2 SSDs installed:
Samsung 990 pro 1 TB in M.2_1 and Samsung 980 pro 1 TB in M.2_3.

Could you provide more details about when the blue screen issue occurs?
For example, does it happen during specific usage scenarios, such as overclocking of the CPU or memory, or due to overheating caused by heavy loads?
Additionally, could you share the current BIOS version you are using?
If you haven't updated to the latest version released on February 6, 2024 (Version 1630), we recommend updating and clearing CMOS to see if the issue persists.
It would also be helpful to try testing the SSDs in different M.2 slots to identify any potential issues.
Meanwhile, please refer to [Motherboard] Solution to Blue Screen Of Death if needed.
Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂