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Speakers Realtek USB 2.0 Audio low volume

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Hi folks,

I'm looking for help to solve this low volume issue I'm having. My motherboard is ROG Crosshair X670E Hero. I've installed the latest BIOS and drivers. I even reinstalled Windows 11. Despite all this, the device "Speakers Realtek USB 2.0 Audio" that pops up when I plug my speakers to the back of my MB.


That said, something very odd happens when I use the audio jack from my computer case. The audio in my headphones is right, but if I also select it from "Sound Ouput" menu, for some reason it also fixes the volume output from my speakers!. I would appreciate any help. I also posted on Reddit with a clip showing what I described.


Level 8

Hey Daveg13, yes its the Extreme a thousand dollar motherboard that I am still making payments on. Thats one reason why I don't want to RMA it and probally get a used motherboard with the possability of getting one with scratches/marks on it. If there was other problems besides this sound problem I would RMA it.

Oh a few weeks ago Realtek USB audio started to spaze out saying aud speakers unplugged, plugged in, unplugged, plugged in, back and forth and would get popups of realtek window that was blank. So I turned of windows notifications on the popups. Unplugging the speaker jack and replugging did not seam to help. 

So I got LG s95qr (something else making payments on) Sound bar to go with my LG CX OLED tv. My ASUS RTX 4090 has 2 HDMI ports so one goes to the TV for HDR 120hrz VRR. The other goes to the soundbar then to the TV (only does HDR 60hrz or non-HDR 120hrz VRR) works even if the TV is off. Windows sees it as 7.1 I think Can use both Dolby Atmos or DTS-X.  Also I think you can use hdmi on motherboard for audio not really sure on that but I do think so. I think the Hero motherbord has HDMI the Extreme only has usb-c to display port so I couldn't try that. If you guys wanted to switch to a hdmi audio reciver/soundbar. I am sure most people would just rather have this problem fixed with the analog audio. 

So I no longer have anything plugged into the Realtek USB audio. For my headphones I use a USB Dac 1 game that I found does not like that (Evil Dead the game) it crashes. So if I do play that one I will be using the Realtek USB audio for that game. Anyways ill keep checking this forum post and any driver/bios updates in hope that its fixed. 

Level 8

This is ridiculous. 

£600 motherboard and it has this issue? 

I have the z790 maximus hero and I have this exact problem.

It's 100%  hardware fault on Asus's end and its unacceptable that we as customers should just accept this as our fate. 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @HOOK 

May I ask if the problem happened after any changes were made? For example, updating the BIOS or connecting an external device
Have you updated the Intel ME to the corresponding version in the BIOS?
For example, the latest BIOS version of the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO is 1202, which requires updating the Intel ME to
Please confirm the brand and model of the audio device you have connected and which port on the motherboard it is connected to.
Have you tried cross-testing the ports on both the case and the rear panel of the motherboard?
Please provide a detailed description of the issue, its context, and frequency, and record a comprehensive video showcasing the problem. This will help us better understand your current situation.

Thank you.

Due to the ongoing regional holidays, my responses may be slightly delayed.
Thank you in advance for your patience.‌‌‌‌ 🙂

Hi Jiaszzz, thanks for your response.
To answer your questions.

No, this issue has been present since I opened it and built a new build.
Fresh install, brand new machine, windows 10, latest drivers from Asus website support page.
3.5mm plug into the Mobo Line out.
Played a song, extremely  low volume.
Plugged it into the chassis front 3.5 port. VERY loud volume.

Thought maybe the BIOS was too old so I updated it to the latest one as well as the intel me.
[ it matches your information above - see image below]

Started up windows again, fresh installed once again, installed latest drivers from ASUS support page.
Still the exact same issue.

Please see attachments below.20230808_182458.jpg

Excuse the hard inhale at the start.

But as you see + hear. The sound output is ridiculously low on the back panel in comparison to the chassis front.
and to my knowledge, they should both be exactly the same since they both run off the same chip.

The weird but is, I am not the only person with this exact issue.
More than one person with this chip? seems to have this issue.

This is the exact same issue I have. Let me know if you had other odd issues while also playing games or opening programs. I had these awful audio spikes when I would open up programs that would go away once I move the volume slider.

In a nutshell, Asus is telling me that since their labs couldn't replicate the issue - we should turn up the volume to compensate...this is the last time I ever buy an Asus PC product.

One thing that I'm curious about, is I see a low of tech review people that use this components in their PC builds, but they never show case audio... I think I understand why now. I've seen Builds by GamerNexus, JayTwoCent and Linus Tech Tips.

Here's what I sent to the Rep that I've been working with:

-The Volume turns up by itself when I open certain programs. Like Discord and games - This has several times resulted in incredibly loud sound that would spike since I did adjust it to hear the low volume.
-Every time the spike would happen, if I changed the volume, it would return to the lower volume.
-If I use my Headphone as the main output setting (PC case connection). The Stereo output from the back will match it's volume, sounding how it should be, Meaning that clearly there's no hardware issue, since it can output louder sound under this bizarre condition.
-I've noticed other odd audio effects that would show up in some games. The example I game you was Overwatch 2, where if I would go into a hallway, the sound of gunshots would get abnormally loud.

-I've reinstalled windows 11 several times.
-Had Windows 11 support try to troubleshoot the issue.
-Tried the different setting in the MULTIPLE audio programs that come with Asus's motherboard.
-Update BIO and drivers.
-Had I filled out a support ticket and even had them do a remote troubleshooting - which was clearly useless since they couldn't hear what I was hearing. But they too changed the drivers to the Windows drivers and the issue remains.

The way you talk about my feedback is offensive. It comes across as though I clearly, I'm been picky and not just doing the simple thing and turn up the volume. I didn't pay almost $700 for a fancy motherboard that seems to be unable to do the simple thing of delivering standard audio. On the other hand, it sure has lots of Audio features, which I suspect play a big part as to which the audio is such a mess. I've tried putting up with this, but I'm sick and tired of this volume spike that are a hazard.

Yeah. And I spent almost 3 months with Asus support just to be told this:

Hello Mr. Cuevas,


Due to the fact that we can duplicate or re-create your issue.  I kindly suggest right now to increase volume on the speaker to volume that is comfortable for you and keep volume on system/PC to max.


With sincere thanks,

Thomas Yiu

Technical Product Manager


How there's audio issues on an expensive motherboard in 2023, it's incredibly insane. Worst part is that they don't have the support to properly remote support for this type of software issues. Imagine being told to turn up the volume to solve this issue. Terrible and lazy support.