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sound device

Level 7


i am not a technician   , have been gaming online via steam  and using easy esports anti-cheat, 

as i was gaming i looted an enemy hunters weapon , then my game slowed down and it had a delay .

the next match i had no sound , i checked sonic studio and saw i no longer have 32 bit options only 16 and 23 bit options.

and finally noticed i have a missing device ( realtek speaker ) only digital sound .

should i un-install and re-install the driver or program ?

Please help and Thank you



Hello, @Soloist1 .

Yes, it is recommended that you uninstall and reinstall both the driver and the game.
Also, please test the sound via other sources, such as YouTube, video file sound effects, or other audio media, to confirm whether the sound effect problem only occurs in the game or under the system.

Thank you.