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Slow WiFi speeds with z790a Gaming WiFi II motherboard

Level 7


I've just finished building my new machine with the z790a Gaming WiFi II motherboard and I'm experiencing MUCH slower, inconsistant WiFi speeds with it.

I've tried various latest drivers but it's still way under of what it should be.

I have my old machine setup in the same position which has a z390e gaming motherboard and it's getting x4 the download speed. My iPhone in the same position gets the same speed as my old machine too.

Whats weird is my network is WiFi 6 which my new motherboard supports but my old machine which doesn't support WiFi 6 gets a faster and more consistant speeds.

Both machines are connected to my Google WiFi Pro 6 internal network and are exactly the same distance from the nearest puck.

I've attached a photo with all the relevant info which can also be viewed here.- Please download so you can see driver details clearly.



Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @skywalkies 

Thank you for providing the images and context.
Could you please share details about your current internet plan and data with the ISP and clarify if the slow Wi-Fi speed occurs when multiple devices are connected simultaneously?
Also, does the issue persist when only the ROG STRIX Z790-A GAMING WIFI II is connected to the Wi-Fi?
We recommend following the steps in [Motherboard]Troubleshooting-How to fix Motherboard WI-FI connect problem
Additionally, please try the following:
- Remove the current driver and install the latest Intel WiFi Driver Version from the official website
- Consider updating the BIOS to the latest version 1002, released on February 23, 2024, and clearing CMOS
- Ensure that your Wi-Fi router firmware is up-to-date and consider resetting it
Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂