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Sleep/wake issue, Crosshair X670E Hero

Level 7

I'm pulling my hair out over an issue that has recently appeared out of nowhere. When my PC goes to sleep for more than a couple of minutes, it will not wake up again. On moving the mouse etc the fans spin very briefly but then it shuts down. Sometimes it will restart normally when I press the start or restart button, but frequently that doesn't work (nothing happens) and the only way to get it to start is by unplugging the PSU for a few seconds and then reconnecting it. Everything runs normally when it's awake. I haven't made any hardware changes recently and only software changes was Windows update to 23H2, but that may be a coincidence as I tried reverting to 22H2 and the problem persists. I have tried updating BIOS to 1905 (from 1807) but that didn't help. I was running happily for several months on EXPO II but tried clearing CMOS and reverting to basic memory settings and that didn't work. I even tried a fresh Windows install with minimal apps installed, and that didn't help. My system is  X670E Hero, Ryzen 7 7800X3D, G-Skill 32GB 6000MHz kit (which is on the QVL), RTX 4090 and Corsair 1000W PSU. I'd really appreciate any suggestions.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @RussellCW 

May I ask if this issue occurred after a Windows update?
Based on the scenario you described, we suggest checking the power mode settings in your system and making further adjustments to the power plan.
Please refer to the following two related FAQs:
[Windows 11/10] Three ways to turn computer off - Shut down , Sleep, and Hibernate
[Windows 11/10] Change Power mode and plan
Additionally, if needed, consider setting "ErP Ready" to [Disabled] in BIOS > Advanced Mode > Advanced > APM Configuration, and check if the issue persists.

Thank you.