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Rog Strix z790-f gaming wifi 2 and Rog strix 4090 oc FPS drops randomly.

Level 7

Hi all, I've come here with my finding of an issue with SteelSeries GG on my Asus MOBO/GPU.

I've recently built this PC and have had a number of problems preventing me from fully utilizing it. I've been having frame drops that happen very randomly with large spaces of time in between. my fps will drop to 0, and go back to normal a second or two later. I've been endlessly troubleshooting, uninstalling and reinstalling applications trying to find the problem.

First, I have a corsair RM1000x PSU, with a 4090 strix OC and i914900KF. I've been hearing some relatively loud coil whine, is there anything that can be done in this regard? it's something I can live with if the PC funtions properly outside of this.  could the FPS drops be caused by a shortage in power, do I asbolutely need an ATX 3.0 PSU? 

Second, is there currently an application that is known to cause these drops? Be it, Steelseries GG, iCue, Razer Synapse or Armoury Crate. 

I've observed lag issues attempting to use Steelseries GG and an app called SignalRGB so far. I did a full windows reset and only installed the basic required drivers to operate the system and didn't encounter any fps drops for a few hours. once I installed SteelSeries GG the next game I played I immediately experienced a drop again. 

I've been looking into this problem for days, these FPS drops and I'm just about at my wits end. I'm not sure what it could be. I'd obviously love to use the software to control my peripherals but it seems that may not be possible. I'll report back if I do experience a stutter again without any of the software installed. 

I've done some things such as reseat components but can confirm this is not the problem. everything works as it should.


Level 7

to add to this story, I'm using all corsair fans, and a commander core to drive them.

Just experienced another spike without steelseries GG present. iCue was however present. Uninstalled this software too to see what happens. 

After further investigation, could it be this motherboard is incompatible with 2x32 Corsair Vengaence 6600mhz???

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Xiviiii 

May I inquire about your current BIOS version? 
If you haven't updated to the latest BIOS version 0801 released on December 22, 2023, we recommend updating and clearing COMS before checking the coil whine situation again.

Regarding the frame rate drop during gaming, if it is triggered by installing specific software, is it possible to contact the developer for confirmation?

Regarding memory, the Corsair 6600MHz seems not to be listed in the ROG STRIX Z790-F GAMING WIFI II QVL.

If necessary, you may consider cross-testing the memory listed in the QVL.
For further guidance, you can refer to the instructions provided in [Motherboard] How to query (CPU/memory) QVL List? and "purchasing and installation guide" on the official website support page > CPU/Memory Support > Memory / Device Support page.

Thank you.

I've gone over just about everything, I have the most recent bios, I've turned off XMP to run the RAM at 4800MHZ. I've changed my PSU.The coil whine has subsided and I've been fine with that. 

I can confidently say that it has nothing to do with any software. the lag issues still occur on a completely fresh installation of windows. When playing Virtual Reality is the only time I don't notice them. not to say they're not there. I've also experienced black screens that came with NVIDIA errors Event ID 14 and 0.

Even though the ram is not listed, if it's running below the 6600mhz shouldn't it still work just fine? 

the only time I haven't ran into these lag spikes is when swapping out my GPU. I've used DDU to reinstall nvidia drivers. This is telling me I should probably consider RMA'ing the GPU. and if it happens again with a different strix card I should look into the motherboard being the cause. I sadly don't have another PC to put the strix card in because it does not fit in my other cases. It sounds very unlikely that there's something wrong with the GPU with it being brand new out of the box. I've tested my monitors/cables on a different PC as well, theyre not the issue. something is going wrong between the strix 4090 and the z790f gaming wifi II motherboard here. it's really hard to tell which one of the two is the culprit.

I've tried different monitors as well. the issue seems to worsen when using a 4k 60hz monitor as 2nd monitor. the issues calm down (but aren't gone) when I use a 144hz1080p monitor next to my 4k 144hz monitor.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Xiviiii 

Regarding the latency and NVIDIA errors in Event ID 14, may I ask if you have updated the GPU driver and VBIOS to the latest versions?
Based on discussions found online about this error message, it might also be related to memory. 
In light of this, we suggest referring to the QVL for cross-testing with different memory modules, as ASUS has verified the motherboard for the best stability and compatibility when installed with the devices in the memory QVL list.
Additionally, if under the latest BIOS version 0801, clearing CMOS and entering the system in default BIOS settings, can it operate stably without dropped frames or delays?

Thank you.