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ROG Strix z690-E and 2x z690-G 's top PCIE Slot not detecting GPUs

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I'm now on my 3rd ASUS Mobo (a z690-E running bios 2703) Where I can't get a GPU response on the top PCIE slot. 2nd PCIE slot detects the cards fine -  but this is not ideal.

I have 3 GPUs to test with, all work in another machine and with this same PSU. 
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G | EGVA  RTX 2060 | NVIDIA 3090 FE
Core i9 13900k
64GB Corsair Vengeance DDR5 (4x16)
I am running an M.2 drive in M.2_2 - not the first slot, and nothing else.

I don't understand how I can have 3 ASUS Mobos with this same issue.... I presumed in my other z690-G's that this was a hardward fault, but now I'm convinced something else is up.

I've found numerous threads with numerous suggestions of what to do in this case - none have really worked for me (update Bios, change the PCIE Gen, avoid putting the M.2 in the M.2_1 slot...) 

Would love some fresh ideas.


Level 7


Given that you've already tried BIOS updates, PCIe Gen settings, and the M.2 slot placement, it might be worth checking a few more things:

  1. Power Supply: Double-check if the power supply cables are securely connected to the motherboard and GPU. Sometimes, loose connections can lead to issues.

  2. BIOS Settings: Ensure that there are no specific BIOS settings affecting the top PCIe slot. Check if there's an option to reset BIOS settings to defaults.

  3. GPU Slot Contacts: Examine the contacts on the GPUs and the PCIe slot itself for any signs of damage or debris. Cleaning them with compressed air might help.

  4. Driver Issues: Make sure you have the latest GPU drivers installed, and consider uninstalling and reinstalling them.

  5. Test with a Different GPU: If possible, try another GPU (borrow one if necessary) in the top slot to see if the issue persists. This can help determine if it's a motherboard or GPU-specific problem

Thank you.

1) power Supply tested on different PC, it is not the issue
2) No gen5 PCIE settings coming up in BIOS
3) Slot contact is fine

4) Cant install drivers if it doesnt recognize the GPU at all.
5) See above. Have tried with 3 GPUs in this slot.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @bender83 

According to the official website, the latest BIOS for both the ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI and ROG STRIX Z690-G GAMING WIFI is version 2703, and the corresponding required Intel ME version is
May I ask if you have updated to the latest BIOS? Did you also update Intel ME to the required version as per the BIOS requirements?
Upon checking, the slots on the ROG STRIX Z690-E GAMING WIFI are PCIEX16 (G5) on top, followed by PCIEX16 (G3) and PCIEX16 (G4) below. 
And on the ROG STRIX Z690-G GAMING WIFI, there is also PCIEX16 (G5) on top, followed by PCIEX16 (G4) below.
Regarding the situation you described, is it that when you install one GPU in the PCIEX16 (G5) slot, it is not recognized in the BIOS? Have you tried enabling Launch CSM?
Could you clarify if you set PCIEX16 (G5) to [Gen3] in the BIOS, as both the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G and EVGA RTX 2060 have Gen3 as their bus interface, as you mentioned changing the PCIE settings?
Apart from changing this setting, did you make any other manual changes in the BIOS settings?
Thank you.





 current settings above - I want to just troubleshoot with the 3090 for now.


No other custom bios settings, I ain't that clever. All CSM settings are greyed out.

Level 7

I'm getting back to this today, I'll let you know how I go shortly...

Level 7

Confirmed that RTX3090 working in PCIE Gen3 slot (2nd slot down), further eliminating PSU or card as a problem. Won't physically fit in 3rd (Gen4) slot.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @bender83 

Could you please attempt to clear the CMOS and then recheck?
We recommend installing one GPU at a time without using adapters.
Please refer to [Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display and test with minimal components to isolate the possible cause if needed.
If the issue persists, kindly provide contextual photos or videos of the graphics card installation on the motherboard so that we can better understand your current situation.

Thank you.

I also don't use any adapters. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @bender83 

Thank you for your confirmation.
I will now consolidate your situation and consult with the relevant departments further. 
If there are any updates, I will promptly respond to this thread.
In the meantime, if you have any additional verification or video of the scenario to share, please feel free to provide it.

Thank you.