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Level 8

Having issues with the LAN device disconnecting on the Strix X670E-E  motherboard.
LAN is seen within the BIOS whilst it isn't detected as a device in win 11.

Steps taken

  • Installed latest drivers (Intel lan to V2.1.3.3)
  • Updated BIOS to 1416
  • Updated Windows 11 Pro to latest version (10.0.22621.1778)

So far the only was to bring it back was to:

  • Power off and disconnect power
  • Wait till all LEDs are off, showing residual power has drained
  • Reconnect and power back up


  • Strix X670E-E
  • AMD 7900X3D
  • Gigabyte RX 6700 XT
  • 32 GB (2 x 16) Corsair DDR5 RAM
  • Never overclocked

Level 7

I am having the same issue. My drivers are up to date. The easy way to revive the ethernet connection is by disabling and enabling the device. That saves me a reboot and some headaches,

I am just thrilled that ASUS or Intel has not come with a solution for this issue.

The device didn't even appear in Network Interfaces or Device Manager for me to be able to do that.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @godzcopilot 

May I inquire if the situation you described occurred after any changes were made?
Under what circumstances does the network disconnection issue occur?
If the LAN driver is removed and reinstalled, would it establish a proper LAN connection in the system?
In case of any abnormalities, would it be possible to use WiFi to connect to the network?

Thank you.

  • No changes where made to the system - the system is pretty new.
  • There were not circumstances I can think of when the network disconnect occurred - general browsing / file viewing from dropbox. I haven't used the system for any gaming yet.
  • WiFi still worked when the LAN dropped out.
  • One other thing that has started happening (not sure if it was happening before) is that the USB keeps dropping out for split seconds, prior to reconnecting (anywhere between 3 hrs - 10 mins between disconnects).
    All addressable LED's on the fans also go off at this time and come back.

    The LAN has been stable since my posting, however the USB disconnects seem to be more frequent
    To try get to the issue, I have currently unplugged everything other than the mouse and keyboard.
    I have also (just) disabled selective suspend within windows.

    LAN driver has been removed and completely 

Level 8

Update 06/06/2023:
This seems to be an issue with how the voltage limitations are being enforced since the SoC voltage limitations.

Started monitoring through Armoury Crate - the USB dropouts were occurring when the CPU voltage started to climb above 1.3 V.
I have manually limited the SoC and Core voltage to 1.291 V via AI Suite.
Haven't had any further issues for 24 hrs, I'll keep monitoring.

Would be nice to have an official ASUS response on the matter.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @godzcopilot 

Does the LAN disconnection issue also occur simultaneously with the USB issue you described earlier?
Could you please provide a screenshot of the "Energy Efficient Ethernet" setting in Device Manager for the Intel (R) Ethernet Controller?
Regarding the USB issue, could you please clarify the frequency of its occurrence?
If possible, could you provide a complete video recording of the problem for us to further investigate the situation you're experiencing?
This should include the monitoring logs of the SOC in Armoury Crate, the USB disconnection issue, and the situation where the problem is resolved after adjusting AI Suite 3.

Thank you.

OK - I hadn't been logging.
The system has been stable since - I'll have a play this week and see if I can recreate the issue and generate the logs.