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Rog strix x670e-e activating expo BSOD after cold boot

Level 8

Loosing my mind, my money and my time. 

i've changed 3 brands of RAM, gskill tridentz neo, corsair vengeance, corsair dominator, all 6000 some cl32 some cl36 , expo certified. i've tried bios 1303, 1401 beta, 1410 beta. Every time i enable expo, it works just  one time then swtiching pc off  and turn it on causes boot problems and BSOD, every time i have to clear bios, it works perfecly if i left everything on auto so ram works at 4800 with higher timings.

Had no problems on a Asrock stell leggend x670e, that died after a faulty new set of fans from lian li.

always had ASUS as MB, so i buyed an Asus, but right now asus and amd are giving me headache.

7950x3d, 32 gb ram. 


Level 8

I set my ram voltage to 1.37v manually after enabling expo and turn off the ram training in bios. It's located towards the bottom of the ram timings section in advanced mode. It's called "memory context restore". Once I did that I could set expo II and have no problem with cold starts or long boot time. 

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Krukbee 

We have released the formal version of BIOS 1416 for the ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI on our official website.
The synchronization of different country-specific websites may experience slight delays, but it is expected to be available on the official website within 24 hours.
Please try updating to the latest BIOS version and performing a clear CMOS before verifying the problem again.
Please refer to ASUS BIOS updates and warranty coverage for ASUS AM5 platform motherboards with Ryzen™ 7000 series p... if needed.

Thank you.

Level 7

Same issue here. New bios that supposedly fixes this, 1415, not only does not fix, I still cannot use expo, but after updating the bios and powering off the pc, it corrupted windows and forced me to have to reinstall windows. Fantastic. First time building an AMD PC, and an Asus Rog strix x670e MB. WTF was I thinking!

I've asked a refund, bought an asrocck steel leggend x670e, everything works at first boot. Expo and no issues.