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ROG STRIX B650E-I vrm heatsink fan header

Level 7

Dear Asus support,

I want to check with you on VRM heatsink fan header on ROG STRIX B650E-I. I am a new user of this MB and after thorrow investigation,  I decided to go with the purchase because I thought that I will have enough individually controlled fan headers for my build. But it seems that one header is not user accessible, even thought this is not mentioned in the manual.

1. The user manual indicates that there is a header right in the corner of the board. But there is no room for a regular header connector there. And it is covered with shroud. What are the specs of the connector used?

2. I think that the control over this header is restricted for users in BIOS. Is that related to this little fan that is connected to it from factory, or the header itself? Why BIOS indicates N/A for this fan?

3. Can Fan curve management be enabled if I connect a regular PWM fan to it?

I will appreciate your clear answers and as much detail as possible. Thanks



Hello Remigijus01

I don't have this motherboard but I'll try to help you out.

The heatsink fan is likely already installed and connected to the heatsink fan header (the one at the top left corner under the shroud). If the fan is not controllable, then it's likely set to start spinning when the VRM's hit a certain temperature.

The ROG Strix B650E-I has two fan headers and one pump header, each supporting up to 1 amp.

Depending on your fans, you can connect 2, 3 or possibly 4 fans to one fan header with a splitter cable. If you'd rather go this route, list your fans and I'll see how many you can connect to one fan header.





Level 7

Hi Nate,

Appreciate your reply. And your assumptions are right - there is a tiny useless fan connected to the header which I would like to replace with something useful for my build.

The fan is shown as N/A in BIOS.

2 FAN headers + one pump header is not enough for me. My build consists of different size fans with different profiles. And they must operate at different speeds. Therefore I need one more individually controlled fan header. And VRM heatsink fan header is a perfect candidate.

So my above specified questions are still very much actual: connector specs; enabling control in BIOS; individual control.

Level 7

Anyone? Could you suggest, would a service ticket in my case be a more reasonable solution?


The specifications for the heatsink fan header are not listed in the manual.

I don't know how copilot would know the specifications, but it's saying the heatsink fan header supports up to 1 amp also.

I don't know how controllable it is, but it does support pwm fans.

heatsink fan header.png

B650e-i heatsink fan header.png