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ROG STRIX B550f ASIO Audio driver useless because SONIC Studio hijacks it

Level 7

I have this motherboard (ROG STRIX B550f) and I am unable to setup this motherboard for my DAW (audio).
When i install the official drivers, it comes with some kind of weird sonic studio app that totally messes up my workstation. It HIJACKS the ASIO device for it's own virtual crap which i do not want to use. I want control over the ASIO device.

Sonic software behaves like total malware, undeletable, keep coming back software. ASUS, Stop this garbage! 

ASIO Driver has been installed correctlyASIO Driver has been installed correctlyBut it can't be seen in any DAW...But it can't be seen in any DAW...


Level 40


Be aware that when the Sonic Studio III effects are enabled, ASIO cannot work, you must disable the Sonic Studio III effects (or uninstall the Sonic Studio III apps) in order to be able to use ASIO (ASIO having low level access to the audio kernel provide low latency, but it have its own limitations).

Level 7

Effects aren't enabled. But i cannot remove sonic at all. I have also disabled "automatically download/install Armory crate" in the BIOS. 

Sonic Studio automatically reinstalls itself. I did follow the guide on your topic on the eleven forums for this audio driver "ASUS ROG SS3 & SS3|DTS Sound Unbound".

I cleared all drivers. Removed all the apps.
I reinstalled using the cmd script.

This will install sonic virtual audio devices as well. I do not want that. I do not want anything from Sonic. I hate it. This piece of software hijacks my asio audio device. I want to have control over it myself with my own third party virtual audio software like Voicemeeter.