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Rog Strix 4090 wont click into X670E-E Gaming Mobo

Level 7

I assembled my first PC approximately three months ago, and during the GPU installation, I encountered a problem. The GPU seemed to fit into its slot, but I never heard the reassuring click that all the tutorials mentioned. In my attempt to secure it, I applied more force than I was comfortable with. Despite my efforts, I eventually accepted the situation and left it as is. I managed to boot the system successfully and have been using it for gaming ever since. However, I've noticed that in games, my GPU usage appears to be lower than expected as well as low fps , leading me to wonder if this issue is related to the initial installation. If anyone has any suggestions to get it to click it would appreciated.



Hello Saint0n Top,

Since you're having performance issues, it might be worthwhile to reseat your RTX 4090 and see if you can get it to latch into place.

If you can lay your case on its side, this will make it a little easier.

Then, take out your gpu, push the pcie clip down and install it back. With it installed, push down on the back end of the gpu and see if the clip will latch. 

Then check game performance, you can install GPU-Z to see that your RTX 4090 is ramping up to pcie x16 4.0 when playing games.

At idle it will show pcie x16 1.1