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Level 7

I purchased the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 HERO a few months ago and due to health reasons I wasn't able to build the machine until 7/29/23. The machine was fine until August 3. I came home from work, turned it on and I received the dreaded 00 and no post on the board. I just missed the store's return/exchange deadline. I called support and the RMA'd the board. I ask the representative on the phone, if they can't fix the board do I get a new one? She replied it would be refurbished but would not be a "used" board. I wasn't happy as this was a new board but I read on these forums this was standard for ASUS.

They were not able to fix my board so they sent a replacement. I received the replacement today and I was disgusted by what I saw. Two M.2 slots were missing the gray, with circle cut outs, thermal pads. The third was missing half of the gray thermal pad. Two heat sink thermal pad had hair and debris stuck to it and the third was missing completely. Two of the M.2 slot had broken retention plastic fasteners. One of the M.2 slots had what looked like thermal paste in the slot. I took pictures and immediately called support and they were less than helpful. They couldn't not exchange the board and said my case would need to be escalated. And that should hear in 48 business hours while they investigated my claims. I asked several times if they wanted my pictures and I was ignored each time with the same phrase "we need to escalate." How are they going to investigate my claim when the refused to see my photos that were taken 30 minutes after the package was delivered? This isn't a cheap board and I am going to be without for more days than I should have been. Is there anyone on these forums that can help?