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ROG MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO won't boot Q-Code 00 using QVL (Nov 2023) 14900K CPU & 4X48GB MEM KIT

Level 8


  • Two ROG Dark Hero motherboards were purchased. One from Newegg and a second from Amazon both NIB.
  • Two CPUs and memory kits were purchased from Newegg, all NIB.
  • Two 1500-watt power supplies, both NIB.


  • CPU: Intel 14900K (based on late Nov 2023 QVL)
  • Mem: Corsair CMK192GX5M4B5200C38, DDR5-5200, 4 x 48GB, 1.25V, 288 pins, CAS 38 (based on late Nov 2023 QVL)
  • PWR: Corsair HX1500i 1500watts 80+ Platinum 


  1. Updated each motherboard BIOS to 0801 using BIOS FlashBack method
  2. Intel i9-14900K CPU installed 
  3. One, two, and four DIMM(s) tested with same results each 48GB; installed first in slot DIMM_A2, then B2, then A1, and B1 on the motherboard
  4. ATX_PWR connected to the motherboard from Power Supply
  5. PCIE_8PIN_PWR connected to the motherboard from the Power Supply
  6. CPU_12V_1 not connected
  7. CPU_12V_2 not connected
  8. CPU Fan connected, no other connections to the motherboard (i.e. no SATA, no USB, no additional power, no HDMI, no network)
  9. No cards installed in PCIe slots
  10. No M.2 storage is installed in the motherboard
  11. Start button (START light on) pushed to start POST


  • Q-Code LED displayed 00 (boot did not continue)
  • Q-LEDs off (CPU: no red, DRAM: no yellow, VGA: no white, BOOT: no yellow green)
  • 8-pin Power Plug LED off 
  • Red LED ON for PLUG_8PIN_PWR (CPU_12V_1, CPU_12V_2)
  • Powered off after waiting 10 mins


(Q1) Why is the Red LED ON for PLUG_8PIN_PWR when PCIE_8PIN_PWR is connected and manual states "or"?

         The manual states on page "1-10", item 6, "Ensure to connect the 8-pin power plug, or connect both the 8-pin power plugs."

         I assume this statement means connect power to PCIE_8PIN_PWR or both CPU_12V_1 and CPU_12V_2 based on differences

         between ATX power supplies. Please advise if this is incorrect and if all three 12-volt connections are required when using the 

         Intel i9-14900k CPU with 1x48GB, 2x48GB, 4x48GB DIMM(s) (model# listed above from Nov 2023 QVL).

(Q2)  Is the Intel i9-14900K supported on the Z790 Dark Hero using BIOS 0801?

(Q3)  Is one, two, or four Corsair 48GB DIMM(s) supported on the Z790 Dark Hero using BIOS 0801?

(Q4)  Is one, two, or four Corsair 48GB DIMM(s) supported on the Z790 Hero using BIOS 1202?

         I ask because the QVL no longer shows any 48GB DIMMS as supported on a 14th Gen CPU; this was not the case in Dec 2023

(Q5)  Is the Intel i9-14900K supported on the Z790 Hero using BIOS 1202?

          This CPU is listed as supported on the Hero QVL from Jan 2024



Level 7

I have the same problem as you, but with different memory models...


Z790 maximus dark hero

Corsair H150i LCD watercooler

2x 48GB Corsair platinum dominator, CL32, 6.600mhz.

2x SSD 990 for Samsung 4TB.


12x fans lian li infinity black v2.

Lian li dynamic evo EXL black

1.500HXi Corsair platinum plus.

Motherboard BIOS code 00, does not work, does not start, the numbers do not change.

There are no problem indication lights on the CPU, DRAM, VGA or BIOS.

I removed all the cables from the motherboard, leaving only the two CPU power (8pins v1 & 8pins v2), 24-pin + 8pin motherboard and 8pin PCIex motherboard, I removed GPU and SSD.

I changed all the source cables and even used another 1000w thermaltake source model.

The problems continued, MB BIOS LED 00. Replace the i9 with i5-13400F and connected to the 4090. It worked, the pc turned on, updated firmware and bios to version 0801.

I turned it off again, removed the memory, Corsair 16GB, 5,200 mhz, CL40 and connected the two 48GB 6,600 mhz.... The computer turned on again, restarted soon after and turned on with the speed of the memories at 4,800mhz, because of the non-active XMP.

I turned it off again and replaced the i5 with the i9, I thought "updated bios and firmware.... It will work” and again MB BIOS LED 00.

Q1 - Is the i9 purchased at BestBuy really a problem or would it be all the versions of the bios that do not support the i9-14900k?

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @StewartT 

(Q1) Why is the Red LED ON for PLUG_8PIN_PWR when PCIE_8PIN_PWR is connected and manual states "or"?
Could you tell me if the red LED light refers to the Q-LED of the CPU?
We recommend that you correctly connect the three power connectors: ATC_PWR, CPU_12V_1, and CPU_12V_2. According to the manual, the PCIE_8PIN_PWR connector provides power for PD3.0 support for the USB 20Gbps front panel connector.

(Q2)  Is the Intel i9-14900K supported on the Z790 Dark Hero using BIOS 0801?
(Q3)  Is one, two, or four Corsair 48GB DIMM(s) supported on the Z790 Dark Hero using BIOS 0801?
(Q4)  Is one, two, or four Corsair 48GB DIMM(s) supported on the Z790 Hero using BIOS 1202?
(Q5)  Is the Intel i9-14900K supported on the Z790 Hero using BIOS 1202?
According to the QVL of the ROG MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO, the i9-14900K CPU is supported by all BIOS versions.

Meanwhile, please query the memory QVL through the part number to determine the supported memory specifications, and the supported memory specifications are not related to the BIOS version.
For more information, please refer to [Motherboard] How to query (CPU/memory) QVL List?
Q-Code 00” and “q-led CPU light” may both indicate that your CPU is not installed correctly. 
We suggest you check if the power supply is properly connected and if the CPU pins are bent.
Please refer to the FAQs below if needed.
[Motherboard] ASUS motherboard troubleshooting via Q-LED indicators
[Motherboard] Common Q-CODE(Error CODE) and Troubleshooting
[Motherboard] Troubleshooting - No Power/No Boot/No Display

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂

Level 8

Hi Asus Support,

The "or" printed in the manual (see text in section 6 of your reply) leads me to believe CPU_12V_1 & CPU_12V_2 were NOT required if PCIE_8PIN_PWR was connected. I'll try all three plugs connected and let you know if this addresses the reported issue.

The CPU socket has no bent pin(s) or CPU Q-LED errors.

I read the QVL multiple times before purchasing the Intel i9-14900K and Corsair CMK192GX5M4B5200C38, DDR5-5200, 4 x 48GB memory DIMMs. 

Thank you for your reply.

CPU 1 connection is enough for base 1. Base 2 is required if you want to boost and overclock. But, it can only work with 1, it is simply giving more volts possible to the CPU to push further if necessary.

The PWR is for putting more power into the PCI-E x16 mainly, including if you want to put 2 PCI-E graphics cards, or do extensive overclocking, or have more stability if you have several connections. For example those which are in series 3000 the PWR is clearly not obligatory.
Then, as a second option, the PWR can also be used to fast charge the USB front panel of the tower, but it is still necessary to have USB-C cables connected to the device that supports fast charging. It can be used if, for example, you want to put an external screen connected by USB-C which requires more voltage.

As for RAM, I hear a lot of people saying that exceeding 6000 MHz can create instabilities for PC 5.0, unlike PC 4.0 which are stable at all levels.
Perhaps PC 5.0 is still quite young in our time.

I have a 6600 MHz in 4x16G the 6600 MHz makes lots of errors in the test, but in setting of 6400 it makes no errors, yet these are well chosen SVQL before making the configuration purchases and for the same card mother Z790 Hero.