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Level 8

I have issues when using a USB 3.0 to SATA device with this motherboard. Using this device with my previous ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero caused no issues.

Sometimes the mouse will freeze for 20 or 30 seconds and then become responsive again. During this time the keyboard will remain working fine.  Fresh install of Windows 11 Pro, all recent updates applied.  All drivers up to latest.

Possibly related, there are times when my keyboard lights will flash, the way they do when power is first applied to the keyboard. It's like power has been temporarily lost to the keyboard, then restored.

All this happens when each device is connected directly to USB ports on the motherboard. (it also happens when they're connected to a USB hub).

Any ideas?


Level 8

Ok I tried with the USB C cable in the front panel and it works, but the fact is that USB A doesn't work with the buttkicker and I honestly seriously think that Asus should get four engineers at the table and fix the USB drivers and not only... Asus motherboards!! I also paid 850 euros and honestly I always have problems!!

Level 8

I'm still having mouse lockup issues and keyboard power dropping out issues with this motherboard.

It's not entirely related to the usb cable as this was working fine with my previous ROG motherboard. I believe there are power issues with this board but I don't have the time nor the tools to confirm it. I'll just have to wait until it's discovered by others and hopefully fixed.

It's just a disappointment for a product I spent so much money on.

I already wrote to you. Попробуйте заменить не кабели, а блоки питания устройств.

Yes, I know. Since I've experienced the issue with 2 different USB to SATA devices with their own power supplies I don't believe that both power supplies are bad.

But thanks very much for your help.

The use period is 4 years, and power adapters can drop in power due to dried capacitors.