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ROG Hive Audio doesnt work

Level 7

I have the Rog STRIX X670E-I Motherboard with Hive

First issue i cant register the motherboard, the website refuses to accept the serial number. this also means i cant get support for it unless i happen to be able to talk via their chat. 


just built a new PC, the CPU is a 7800X3D if that matters. 

the device seems to work fine, usb ports are working, lights are all working, buttons seem to work too.

in audio i dont have the realtek drivers, and they will not install for some reason but all of my other audio devices work just fine as they're connected via USB. I dont know if this has to do with the HDAudio plug being gone from the motherboard or not, but thats the only thing i can think of. 

for troubleshooting i've did a clean reinstall of windows 10 (i hate windows 11), updated the bios, updated the firmware, installed every driver available for the motherboard on the website, found generic realtek drivers and tried to install those, i've done the hibernate/turn off fast start up, and more.


At this point i'm at a loss, i have a USB DAC i can use but its my portable DAC for traveling so i dont want to have that constantly plugged in. 


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @EpicUnicat 

Regarding the registration of your motherboard serial number, since it is personal information, we advise against sharing it in public comments.
Could you kindly provide DM the serial number of the motherboard for me to confirm further?

Regarding the ROG Hive Audio, all audio functions on the ROG STRIX X670E-I GAMING WIFI are supported through the ROG STRIX HIVE.
Referencing the installation instructions on the user manual page 2-20, the ROG STRIX HIVE needs to be connected to a specific USB Type-A port on the ROG STRIX X670E-I GAMING WIFI, and the USB Type-C connection to the ROG STRIX HIVE is directional.

We recommend checking if you are using the original connector cable and ensuring the correct connection method before verifying if this resolves the audio issue.

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂