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ROG Crosshair x670e Hero - Windows laggy and throws BSOD only on first boot after BIOS menu

Level 7

I have come across a very strange situation. I've owned this board for a year now, but it's only now that I've been inspired to try to solve this problem, as it didn't bother me much before.

When I make some changes in the bios or just enter it and then boot into the system, the whole Windows crashes, it is difficult to go through the login screen at all, more often I am forced to reset the pc because I can not do anything, and sometimes it can even throw a bsod like DPC_Watchdog_Violation. If I do manage to enter the system, I still can't do anything, although once I did manage to enter the task manager and there was a System Interrupt process. This all only happens on the first boot after entering the bios or changing any settings.

PC Spec:
BIOS latest, ver 2007
RAM F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5NR
CPU Ryzen 9 7950x3d
GPU Asus Strix 4090

I came across this post and interestingly disabling the high definition audio controller helped and after changing the settings in the bios or just entering it windows no longer crashes.

My question is if there is a permanent solution to the problem and not that I have to disable this controller in device manager after every format. Additionally I have disabled the HD Audio Controller in the bios but this does not seem to have any effect. Maybe there is a setting on the motherboard that I can adjust. Or maybe I can permanently remove the High Definition Audio Controller from the device manager, but I don't know if windows won't download it on its own again. I really didn't expect such problems when I bought one of the boards that advertise themselves as "premium". It doesn't have much to do with the top shelf. Why does a board for this amount of money have so many problems that a $200 board does not (Little rant).


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @PureFluff 

Could you please specify which slot/port your system drive is installed in?
If you test with different ports or system drives, does the issue persist?
Please consider resetting the system while keeping your files, or removing all SSDs/HDDs, installing a new drive and system, and checking again.
Kindly refer to the following FAQs and clear CMOS before rechecking again.
[Windows 11/10] Troubleshooting - Blue Screen Errors in Windows (BSOD)

Thank you.

sharing complete hardware info & software config details will help us better understand the issue 🙂