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ROG CROSSHAIR X670E EXTREME: RAIDXpert2 freezes -> Volumes freeze

Level 7

Hi all,

after a lot of debugging my system, my CRUCIAL m.2 JBODs still freeze, whenever RAIDXpert2 isn't running.

I found the related thread  and a similar one on the AMD forum .

In short:
Without RAIDXpert2 running, the volumes it controls just freeze when being addressed. A scheduled task starting RAIDXpert2 in the background was proposed as workaround - which works for me, but only until it doesn't.
RAIDXpert2 keeps crashing every now and then, all processes accessing its volumes freeze and I cannot terminate and restart RAIDXpert2 but have to reboot the whole system. Working with data on my JBODs is a bit of a cliffhanger.
After flashing the oldish BIOS the system doesn't freeze anymore but nevertheless, this is painful behavior.

My config:

  • RYZEN 9 7950X
  • 1x CRUCIAL CT32G48C  (delivery included 4 of those which lead to memory errors, jbod etc. and as only one of those is supported I am waiting for KINGSTON FURY to be delivered - no mem errors with only one module though)
  • NVIDIA GTX 1650
  • Audio: NVIDIA and Realtek
  • 4x Crucial P3 Plus 4TB PCIe M.2 2280 ct4000p3pssd8 used as two JBODs, 2 onboard, 2 in riser card
  • 1x  SAMSUNG m.2 mzvl22t0hblb-00b00 in riser card, JBOD
  •  1x SAMSUNG evo 870 1 TB as system volume
  • Windows 11
  • latest OS updates, new firmware for m.2, latest RAIDXpert2, ASUS drivers updated

The issue only affects the CRUCIAL devices. They seem to need RAIDXpert2 to trigger the controller or something - without it running, they won't respond and virtual disk service freezes too, both cannot be terminated/ restarted. 

Anyone got any ideas on why my RAIDXpert2 keeps freezing or if there's a better solution than scheduling RAIDXpert2?

I'm still hoping that I overlooked something simple 🙄 Grateful for comments!


Windows device manager shows 7x "AMD-RAID Bottom Device" that run on rcbottom.sys and 7x "AMD-RAID Controller (storport)" that use rcraid.sys. Unsure as to how I can or if I must improve this.


Level 8

Hello friend, I have the same problem but with Toshiba mechanical hard drives connected to the S-ATA ports in Crosshair Hero 670E, and it works for me keeping RaidXpert2 running in the background, if not, it starts giving errors on the RAID volumes. It also happens to me that when I turn on the PC, when the Windows load circle appears, I get a blue Windows error screen because of the rcraid.sys file. I've noticed that when windows starts to load, it doesn't check the RAID drives and gives the rcraid.sys file error. I restart the PC from the reset button of the case and it already recognizes the disks in RAID. They have to get some updated RAID drivers to solve the problem since the drivers that exist are from September 2022. Best Regards