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RMA - What a piece of crap

Level 7

You initiate an RMA and don't even receive an email confirmation that you have submitted an application.

How ridiculous is that? Something like that should be normal.

In the conclusion from the RMA  u can read "someone will get in touch within 2 days."

What happens if i get no answer?
Start a new rma again and again and again?

questions over questions.

It seems like Asus wants to make it as difficult as possible for the customers.

questions over questions.

If it starts like that, then I don't want to know what happens to the hardware I sent in.

I'll probably have to wait 8 weeks and then the hardware will come back unchecked.

The asus-advertising slogan says “push the limits”.

My patience is being pushed to the limit.

How many support employees are actually employed in Germany?

One is on vacation, one is on sick leave and the third is sipping a coffee mug and looking out the window.

What a piece of crap support.
I will avoid Asus products in the future.

I wouldn't be surprised if this post is deleted by the admin.


Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Max71 

I apologize for any potential waiting during the service.
I would be glad to assist you in verifying the RMA and conducting further investigation into this matter. 
However, as it requires your provision of sensitive information such as the product serial number or service number, which may involve personal data, we do not recommend disclosing it in a public comment.
I have PM you, kindly proceed to the PM inbox section located in the upper right corner to provide the necessary information.

Thank you.

Level 7

After 48 hours, I still have not received a response to my submitted RMA from the german support.

The fact that as a German customer I have to complain in the English-speaking asus forum

so that my issue can be processed suggests questionable legal behavior on the part of German support!

The Asus company is not fulfilling its obligations here in Germany.

I have filed a complaint with the consumer advice center (Verbraucherzentrale)

to warn and\or announced publicly other buyers about this company, which is clearly violating German law (statutory warranty products).

I will continue to publicly announce this fact at every opportunity.

The German RMA page does not mention in any way that you should only contact the dealer in the event of a repair.

After 4 days! and not 48 hours, you will receive the answer from German support to contact the dealer.

Then why isn't this shown on the RMA page straight away? "in case of repair, contact your local dealer.
Is it so difficult to show it on the website?

Customer fooling.

After checking the hardware through the Asus Support, the dealer offered me either a replacement or a money back.

Of course I will demand my money back.

For me the asus-fooling-issue is closed.

I will publicly advise people to avoid ASUS products at every opportunity.

I stated this fact in my Amazon review.

Over and out!

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Max71 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
I have not yet received your response to our PM conversation.
If you still have concerns or encounter difficulties, please feel free to PM me at any time.

Thank you.