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RMA website returns server error 500

Level 7

Attempting to replace a dead motherboard that's under warranty. RMA website returns a 500 error upon final submission.

What are the correct steps for an RMA since appears to be non-functional?


Level 7

Same here.  Unable to open an RMA.

Customer Service Agent

Hello, @Stitcharoo and @saru_kun

 Currently, we have tested both Chrome and Edge browsers for creating new RMA requests successfully.
May I ask which browser you are using? We suggest you cross-test with different devices or browsers.
Additionally, please refer to How to find Product Serial Number to fill out the correct RMA form.
If you still encounter difficulties in submitting the request, please provide screenshots of the error message or the page where you are unable to apply.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. The error code on both chrome and firefox was 500, a generic server error with the dev console pointing toward a missing expected file location.
Tried it again today and it went through. Probably was either a temporary outage over the weekend or maintenance without a redirect notice screen.